New research reveals keys to digital marketing success

- May 5, 2018 2 MIN READ

With Australian companies feeling the pressure of digital disruption, new research has found three key areas that companies successful at digital marketing have in common.

The research conducted by ntegrity, in partnership with McCrindle Research, as part of their annual research into the Australian digital marketing ecosystem. The findings suggest that a clear strategy, team-wide digital literacy, and using data to shape narratives inside a company correlated strongly with the digital success of Australia’s highest-achieving brands.

According to the research…

  • 85% of Australian companies believe their organisation has been disrupted by digital.
  • The majority of Australian companies, 51%, are “somewhat confident” in their ability to execute their digital marketing strategy.
  • Only 29% of companies were “highly confident” in their ability to execute their digital marketing strategy.

The most confident companies — labelled “Digital Achievers” in the report — are on average 59% more likely to have seen 20%+ revenue growth in the past 12 months, and 6.5 times less likely to have seen a headcount decline over the last 12 months.

Although the “Achievers” said they had more people and time to execute their strategy, there was no correlation with company size — meaning the key difference was that resources and time were being used more effectively.

As far as individual skills, the marketers surveyed feel the most confident in Social Media and Email Marketing and gave themselves the lowest marks in Marketing Automation and SEO.

The report unpacked the differences between companies struggling with Digital Marketing from those that are succeeding as Achievers.

“This is the only study of its kind in Australia, and we’re thrilled to release the findings to the public today,” says Vermeulen.

Speaking on why the research was conducted, Vermeulen said: “Most news and conversations about digital marketing tend to focus on shiny tools and new tactics, but we wanted to take a step back and look at the broader landscape — specifically the strategic elements that lead to success. Many brands are stuck in this place of just trying to keep up, so I hope the research helps marketers focus on the key internal conditions and strategies to set them up for success.”

“A huge part of our mission is about strengthening everyone in the sector — not just the clients we work with.”


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