New platform aims to take the pain out of managing qualifications

- October 30, 2020 2 MIN READ

With so many employees now working remotely and increased training necessary to comply with COVID guidelines, many businesses are being put at risk as staff’s workplace and safety qualifications expire.

Kareena Waters, founder of Industry OneCARD, a platform that takes the pain out of managing employee compliance, says many small business owners may not even know they are not compliant until they are audited.

Don’t be ignorant about compliance

Waters warns 85 per cent of companies have unknowingly let mandatory health and safety training qualifications and licences expire or are missing mandatory evidence since the pandemic changed the way people work. The result is businesses could have employees working side-by-side with different risks.

“The management of training and licences records has always been a pain in the backside across all industries. Companies are currently facing a perfect storm of reduced administration, extended downturn, extra training due to COVID,” says Waters.

“Add to these challenges, the changes across the country in Work, Health and Safety (WHS) laws which now makes it impossible for companies and directors to insure against the fines and penalties of non-compliance, the simple fact an employee is without correct evidence of training or an expired licence could have catastrophic consequences for many companies.”

Reduce your exposure to risk

Waters’ platform, Industry OneCARD, aims to help businesses minimise their exposure to risk by providing a one stop service to manage staff training and licence records. This ensures both employees and company are kept safe. It performs all data entry and acts as a Virtual Training Team with no extra overheads.

Common areas where non-compliance exist are:

High Risk Work Licences
Electrical Licences
Working at heights and confined space entry training
Employer keeping records of valuable inhouse training.
First aid and CPR
Lack of collecting correct evidence from inductions and mandatory onboarding training including Manual task
The ability for employers to prove they have ensured a person is competent to use or operate machinery

“COVID has also led to an increase in workplace training, in particular in defence, engineering and health industries as more government funding becomes widely available.

“However some companies are not well equipped to manage those records and we are now seeing a high number of expired licences and missing records when we are onboarding new members.
A common occurrence is the employee has a copy but has failed to provide this to their employer which leaves the company very exposed to non-compliance.”


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