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A negative first impression can severely impact your bottom line

- May 31, 2016 2 MIN READ

Servcorp in partnership with Roy Morgan Research has conducted an independent study to help business owners understand the factors impacting a prospective customer’s decision to contact and choose a supplier.

In business interactions, first impressions matter and clients will quickly form a judgement whether it is in person or online. The research showed that two-thirds of people will not offer a supplier a second chance if they make a bad first impression. Further to that, a third of those are willing to will wait three months and longer before re-contact. This delay is a cost directly to the company bottom line and is a familiar occurrence to most businesses.

However, the damaging factors impacting a prospective customer’s decision not to contact or choose a supplier are easily controlled. That is why services like Servcorp can be such an advantage for small business operators in making sure your business is set up for success at the offset and in control of the impression you are making.

Businesses often miss recognising the most important aspects hurting their business from attracting and creating a positive rapport with clients. Servcorp’s research delved further to discover what the top influencing factors were when people decide to contact a supplier and found some telling results. Personal recommendations, online reviews and a quality website are three of the top influencing factors standing between you and a potential client.

A local address and local landline are nearly four times more likely to be selected as the most influential factors compared to that of advertising and brochures. Despite this, nearly six out of ten businesses do not have a recognisable CBD address. Meanwhile, one in eight businesses have a PO box address or no address at all.

When it comes to phone listings, one in eight business only have a mobile number listed as their main point of contact. In fact, it was seen that only four percent of businesses examined recognised the importance of having both a mobile number and fixed local landline displayed on their website and marketing collateral.

Servcorp is helping business to rectify this situation and make the best impression they can, with 28 locations across Australia and New Zealand, the serviced office space provider can help create a perception that your company has a bigger team, is more well established and according to the data, 82 percent of people said they would be likely to talk with a business owner situated somewhere in the CBD.

This content is powered by our partners at Servcorp. Together with Roy Morgan Research they put together this white paper on First Impressions and what Small Business Owners can implement within their companies to ensure that they are always giving a good one.

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