NBNCo spruiks innovation and opportunity for small business

Businesses that upgrade to NBN should take the opportunity to increase their Innovation, according to Sarah Palmer, executive general manager, business service delivery, NBN.

Speaking at the Vodafone National Small Business Summit, Palmer spoke of the opportunities businesses could embrace by having access to the NBN. With the first disconnection triggers from legacy services set to occur in November 2018, Palmer suggested businesses and organisations needed to be prepared.

Palmer said NBN is working closely with phone and internet providers to make the transition as smooth as possible but encouraged them to plan ahead for the switch.

“In the past year we have undertaken a package of measures and Industry engagement to help educate businesses to connect with them and understand the impact of NBN on important business services.”

Palmer told a rapt small business audience that it is no surprise that the small business is the powerhouse of the economy.

“They are part of the cultural fabric and we want to meet and exceed the expectations of these businesses and facilitate their success and future prosperity. We can only do that by working with the business themselves.”

Palmer acknowledged there had been criticisms of the NBN rollout in terms of the down time some businesses had experienced.

“It is the accountability of NBN to work with our service providers to make sure there are no gaps,” Palmer said.  “We need to make sure there is no down time and that means making sure there is a connection between retail and the service providers and we realise there has been gaps and want to fix that

“I need to hear the challenges being faced and how we can solve them together.”

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Cec Busby
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