Mums & Co aims to help mums in business thrive with MPowered conference

- June 4, 2018 2 MIN READ

Entrepreneur Carrie Kwan has combined her passion for parenthood with her small business nous to deliver the online platform Mums & Co. The aim: to drive success for mums in business.

Since founding Mums & Co. Kwan discovered there is a lack of support for business mums and she aims to rectify this by presenting the first Mums & Co. MPowered conference.

“Last year we undertook a major survey of almost 1000 business mothers which showed half had found starting a business really challenging,” Kwan tells Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB).

“There is a significant gap in knowledge about finances, marketing and setting up businesses correctly. More of them are turning to social media and networking groups like Mums & Co to get the support they need – for community connections as well as information and talent sourcing.”

Kwan says with this in mind, she decided to leverage Mums & Co’s member platform to host a real-life event to bring mums in business together to empower them with the business knowledge, inspiration and connections they need to succeed.

Driven by an unshakeable belief that we should be doing more to empower our mums in business Kwan suggests the MPowered conference is the first step in redressing the balance.

These women leverage their talents, strengths and passions to create businesses that build new models, create new solutions and mindsets for the benefit of many,” Kwan says.

“Enabling more mothers to work on their own businesses means that they can balance the things that are important to them, and when doing meaningful work women have seen both their incomes and levels of self-reported happiness increase.”

Kwan suggests running their own business is often the most viable option for women who have exited the workforce to have children. While recent government stats showing women are embracing side hustles and entrepreneurship in ever increasing rates, seems to back this notion.

Her numbers are set to rise as women face increasing childcare costs, workplace inflexibility, unequal pay and at the same time, the gig economy is growing and technology makes it easier than ever before to launch a business. Particularly those with caring duties are looking for flexibility in working hours and location, and doing something they are passionate about – they now want to take back control of what’s important to them,” she says.

Kwan encourages all mums in business and entrepreneurs to attend the MPowered event. She tells KBB attendees will gain valuable skills in business growth, social media and business strategy.

She hopes women will walk away from the conference feeling inspired and empowered.

To be empowered so that they don’t have to choose between their family and career – both can thrive. The opportunity to mingle with their tribe; make new and lasting business connections with women who ‘get’ it and want to help. To be inspired to be bold and take action now!”

Leading business network Mums & Co will be hosting the mother of all small business conferences MPowered in Sydney on 18 June. If you’re a woman in business, this is an unmissable event for invaluable business growth tips, networking and a whole lot of inspiration! Half day ticket $46. Full day ticket $89. Kochie’s Business Builders is a proud supporter of this event.







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