How culturally diverse are Australian small businesses?

- February 9, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

According to the latest Business Index survey from Sensis, more than six in ten (61%) small and medium businesses believe they have a diverse workforce, led by the Health and Community services (83%), hospitality (73%) and manufacturing (67%) sectors.

The questions within the survey aimed to comprehend the construction of small and medium businesses across Australia, exploring diversity, speaking English as a first language and multiculturalism.

The report found that while the majority of business owners (96%) spoke English as a first language, nearly 59% said they had a multicultural workplace. This was evident in the Health and Community Services (79%), Hospitality (70%) and Communication, Property and Business Services (68%) sectors.

Female business owners responded by stating that 65% of their workplace is diverse and 65% said it is multicultural. Whereas the male business owners said that 60% of their workplace is diverse and 56% said it is multicultural.

Sensis CEO John Allan said that results illustrated a very positive image of business in Australia with the workforce reflecting the whole Australian community.

“It is accepted that a business is strengthened by the contribution made from a workforce that harnesses the unique talents, skills, perspectives and experiences of all its people regardless of age, gender, sexuality, physical ability, ethnicity or Indigenous background,” he said.

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