More than a quarter of Australians feeling overwhelmed, overworked and unable to disconnect from work

- April 21, 2022 2 MIN READ

Lifeworks’ latest Mental Health Index reveals one in four Australians is experiencing burnout – leading to a lack of motivation and concentration and an inability to disconnect from work after hours.

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Jamie MacLennan said while many Australians have benefitted from the ability to work remotely during the pandemic there has been a downside to working from home.

“High levels of stress, burnout or languishing are a concern for individuals and organisations. It will be challenging to establish clear boundaries between professional and personal lives under the new working models, including hybrid arrangements. But, those boundaries are essential for employee wellbeing, and employers have a responsibility to implement the necessary policies, tools and resources to help make this possible.”

Motivation and burnout at work

Thirty-seven per cent of Australians surveyed said they find it increasingly difficult to be motivated to do their work. This group has a mental health score of -26.1, more than 14 points below the national average. Younger employees, in particular, are feeling burnt out with half of those under 40 saying they are mentally and physically exhausted by the end of their workday.

Of the 26 per cent of Australians who are unable to disconnect after regular work hours, 29 per cent report that this is due to their manager continuing to contact them.

Global Leader and Senior Vice President, Research and Total Wellbeing, Paula Allen said it is essential to establish clear communication around what is expected from employees working from home.

“While setting and enforcing work boundaries can be as challenging as establishing personal boundaries, this needs to be prioritised by employees and employers to ensure long-term success,” Allen said.

“Two-way dialogue is required to ensure that any stigma surrounding work boundaries is promptly addressed and employees have the support and resources they need to log off – physically and mentally – at the end of each day.”

The full Australian LifeWorks Mental Health Index™ report can be found here.

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