Michaelia Cash says small business the bedrock of community

- August 30, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Minister for Small Business, Skills and Vocational Education, Michaelia Cash has described small business as the bedrock of the community and pledged government backing to the sector whilst delivering the opening keynote at the Vodafone National Small Business Summit in Sydney this morning.

Cash cited the nation’s strong economic growth and low unemployment figures as an indicator of the government’s support for the sector and suggested much of the nation’s success has been off the back’s of the small and family business sector. 

“What I’m most proud of is the unprecedented jobs growth. We said to the Australian people that we would put in place the economic framework to ensure that businesses are able to prosper and grow,” cash said.

“In doing that, we wanted to see the economy grow in five years, creating 1 million new jobs. We have delivered, four months ahead of schedule. Last year, we saw the strongest jobs growth on record, with more than 412,000 new jobs created.

Cash suggested as a government will be backing small business step of the way and went on to share her gratitude for the endeavours of the nation’s many small businesses.

“Thank you for being the bedrock of our local communities. When small and family businesses prosper and grow, Australia as a nation prospers and grows,” Cash said.

“My role is to represent small business views in cabinet, take on your feedback and continue to create the right economic environment for you to prosper and grow, so you can continue to be the engine room of the Australian economy. The government needs you to be successful, because when you are successful, our nation prospers, and that is what we all want,” finished  Cash.



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