Meet a few of the women leading the charge on International Rural Women’s Business Day

- October 15, 2021 2 MIN READ

Updated October 15 2021

Innovative, resilient and passionate women all over rural and regional Australia are doing incredible things with small business, and on International Rural Women’s Day, we’re toasting their success!

Resilient, innovative and passionate; three words to live by when you’re a woman running a small business in rural Australia.

Hats off to rural women!

And they are words worth contemplating on October 15, AKA “International Rural Women’s Day”, a day to celebrate the invaluable contribution women make to rural regions across the globe.

Here in Australia, there are 275, 000 rural women running small businesses – that’s a lot of passion and creativity fuelling our regional and rural centres.

One such woman is Samantha Meurant  – the founder and host of The Rural Compass a podcast dedicated to profiling women in rural businesses all over the country and the co-founder, with colleague Tori Kopke of Big Ideas Rural, an online community for women running business in rural Australia.

According to Samantha, women in these areas are among the most creative and pioneering because they make their circumstances work for them.

“The real advantage for women running rural businesses is the lifestyle that comes along with it. Living in a rural area you get a terrific lifestyle, and also the freedom to enjoy it!”

Women in rural business are leading the way

According to Samantha, passion is what sets these women apart when it comes to business success.

“For a lot of women in rural business that I speak to, it’s their passion for what they are doing and their drive to want to succeed and remain where they are, in their rural location that makes all the difference.”

Check out these regional business owners kicking goals

  1. Donna Carrier, Bent On Food 
  2. Tori Kopke, 20-20 Marketing Solutions
  3. Sophie Jones, Tyde 
  4. Nicola Rivett, Kids Eye Gear  
  5. Edwina Sharrock,Birthbeat 

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