Meet the mum whose bread bags are putting an end to plastic waste

- December 13, 2019 2 MIN READ

Holly Cabarrus is on a mission: to replace one million plastic bags by 2024.  Concerned by the amount of plastic waste accumulating from her daily trip to the bakery, the Central Coast mum opted to make a bread bag to carry her purchases. Out of this act of sustainability, Cabarrus has launched a business that hopes to encourage more consumers to bring their own bags to the bakery.

In any given week, 11 million Australians buy a loaf of bread, leaving behind 2000 tonnes of plastic to go into landfill every year. It’s an astounding figure and one Canarrus believes one that could be quickly changed.

Consumers can do so much more to fight the war on waste. Cabarrus says the lightbulb moment came for her after queuing for her daily bread.

Day after day, she would line up with her own reusable bread bag, only to be followed by a line of customers, many of the same one’s each day, who would have their loaf placed in a plastic bag provided by the bakery.

Frustrated to see how many plastic bags were being handed out day in day out, Cabarrus knew she was onto something. And so Aussie Bread Bags was born — ethical, sustainable and reusable bread bags that are directly tackling the growing issue of plastic bread bag pollution.

Cabarrus said Aussie Bread Bags are truly passionate about making an impact to reverse the damage already sustained to our planet.

Together, Cabarrus and ABB customers are working towards the goal of replacing 1 million plastic bread bags with sustainable and reusable Aussie Bread Bags by July 2024. Backed with the support of local bakeries and stores, Cabarrus believes it’s an achievable dream. It’s simply a matter of adopting new habits.

Cabarrus’s Aussie Bread Bags are natural, durable and long-lasting.

“They’re an essential for every household. The thick cotton (unlike plastic) allows for air flow, which not only prevents the bread from growing mould, but it also creates a barrier from any draughts that dry the bread.”

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