Meditation is what keeps this former fashionista on track

- January 15, 2020 2 MIN READ

 Elise Catchlove is the founder and driving force behind meditation school, By Catchlove. After a decade working in the fast-paced fashion industry, including running her own clothing label, Elise felt unfulfilled and was itching for a change. Little did she know, ‘that change’ would become her life’s greatest mission and most gratifying move yet, for both her personal and professional life.

Like many, it was Elise’s regular bouts of anxiety through her adult life that drew her to meditation. However, as a highly functional anxious person, Elise found it easy to brush it under the carpet, until she realised just how much the anxiety was holding her back in life.

Elise and her town-planner husband made the decision to learn to meditate. After researching many different styles, they chose Vedic Meditation, largely due to its simplicity, adaptability and modern approach. It turned out to be the best investment they made for themselves. The personal transformations were so incredible, it spurred Elise to become a Vedic Meditation teacher herself.

Fast-forward a few years, countless hours of meditation, extensive teacher training and a newborn baby, Elise’s dedication to the practice and desire to help people brought her to launch Queensland’s first Vedic Meditation School, By Catchlove in 2018.

Elise’s ability to work with a wide range of people from the corporate sector to creative industries, new parents to students has seen the life-changing transformation in countless people living in the modern world.

Having lived with stress and anxiety, Elise is particularly passionate about helping others who experience the effects of modern stresses and travels beyond her space in Brisbane to share her unique approach to Vedic Meditation. No twisted pretzel poses, no dark rooms, no stopping the mind from thinking.

When Elise isn’t teaching meditation or meditating herself, you’ll find her cooking and entertaining in her Brisbane home with husband Pete and little boy Harley, or taking seaside travel adventures with her family.

Currently pregnant with her second baby, Elise loves researching ways to better people’s health and takes a balanced approach to her own wellbeing, enjoying a croissant as much as the next person.


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