1. I do budget everything. It is all automatic payments.

    I would like to know how to increase my clientele please. I am an accountant, (please don’t think that means I am not entrepreneurial. I have tried advertising in so many forums. I don’t have the funds to go too expensive. I actually this time of year don’t have funds to advertise at all. I find referrals the best way. I have grown to 400 clients just by referrals. But its just not enough to keep me going. I have been running this business for 14 years and the first 7 years it was just a hobby and I was working doing other things. It grew over night just with referrals. Then I decided a few years ago I would get serious with it. I put flyers out I have done advertising in papers magazines and on the internet such as FB adds. None of them ever work. Only my referrals. What would you suggest I do? I am at the point of going back to be employed because I just can’t make ends meet


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