How to manage an irregular cash flow


Cash flow is the number one struggle for small businesses and dealing with an irregular or variable one can be difficult. Kochie gives tips on how to handle it.

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  1. I do budget everything. It is all automatic payments.

    I would like to know how to increase my clientele please. I am an accountant, (please don’t think that means I am not entrepreneurial. I have tried advertising in so many forums. I don’t have the funds to go too expensive. I actually this time of year don’t have funds to advertise at all. I find referrals the best way. I have grown to 400 clients just by referrals. But its just not enough to keep me going. I have been running this business for 14 years and the first 7 years it was just a hobby and I was working doing other things. It grew over night just with referrals. Then I decided a few years ago I would get serious with it. I put flyers out I have done advertising in papers magazines and on the internet such as FB adds. None of them ever work. Only my referrals. What would you suggest I do? I am at the point of going back to be employed because I just can’t make ends meet


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