Make time for wellness or regret it in the future

- March 5, 2018 3 MIN READ

As a business owner, I understand how often the words, “I don’t have time,” pop-up in relation to things that are good for us. It could be cooking a meal from scratch with whole foods from the earth. It could be doing some exercise. It could be getting enough sleep. It could be doing something relaxing.

“I can’t afford it.”

How many times have you said that in relation to something you know is good for you? A gym membership, a holiday, buying organic fruit and veggies and so on.

Now that 2018 is well and truly underway, it’s a great time to take stock of where you’re at. What have you achieved? What has changed in your life? Did you have health or wellbeing goals that you didn’t reach in 2017? If you did, you’re not alone.

As business owners, it’s incredibly worthwhile to consider what you’re prioritising in life. What are you spending time and money on?

The bottom line is that if you’re not making time for wellness now, at some point, you’re likely to be forced to make time to recover from illness. This is where being proactive about your health and wellbeing is so important – even more so as a business owner because everything relies largely or solely on you for the business to function at all, let alone at its best. It’s essential to consider all aspects of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

As we head further into the year  it’s time to practise self-care and loving yourself enough to acknowledge a few key truths:

Your body is designed to move

Critical physiological processes cannot occur unless you do move, so consider including exercise or movement of some kind into your daily routine.

Focus on natural foods

Your digestive system is not designed to process artificial ‘food-like’ substances so consider how you can incorporate some level of clean eating into your diet.

Do what you can to manage stress

Our minds aren’t designed to constantly deal with stress so schedule in downtime (just like you would an important business meeting). Spend this time doing things you love or take up yoga, which teaches the mind how to best deal with stress.

Never underestimate the power of sleep

Humans need sleep and every aspect of your health and wellbeing is impacted by whether you’re getting enough hours of quality sleep. Turning off screens at least an hour before heading to bed will help you to maintain good sleep hygiene.

Make time to just ‘be’

Everyone needs time to just ‘be’ so consider taking up meditation. A cost-effective way to trial this is via an app like Headspace or InsightTimer.

If you’re a business owner who’s in the unfortunate position where your wellbeing is already compromised and you’re experiencing pain or illness, don’t ignore the situation, hoping it will magically get better. Take the time to understand the underlying causes of your issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. The longer you leave things, the more chances of your symptoms taking over your personal and business life.

Without dealing with the underlying issues, your condition is likely to continue recurring and could potentially escalate. Exploring the metaphysical causes of your condition will enable you to access and deal with the emotions behind it. Reiki and other energetic therapies can help you to deal with these causes even if you don’t consciously know what they are.

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