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  1. Hi Kochie, my name is Michael Dalton, I am Plasterer and a Builder’s Labourer and I have been hanging plaster and Insurlation and putting up metal battens and I have been stopping up for 6 and half years and my work is neat and good Quality and I am hard worker and I work back to 8.00 pm some times any Builders around Geelong and surf coast and Melbourne, my mobile number is 0488671244 from Mick Dalton.

  2. Hi Kochie I am a plasterer and I have been hanging for 12years 7months and stopping for 6 years and 7 months and I am a builders Labourer and I have been this work 7 years around Geelong and the surf coast and West Melbourne, South Melbourne,port Melbourne, Hawthorn, and can you tell builders around Geelong and Melbourne about me and I do good quality work from Michael Dalton and my mobile number is 0488671244.

  3. Hi Kochie,
    I have a questions regarding business accounts, I have a small business and travel around doing events so need mobile eftpos facility my question is can you have an eftpos facility without having an actual business account. The reason I ask is that I am paying $35.20 per month just to have a so called business account, so was thinking about transferring it into an everyday account with no fees, is this feasible?

  4. Hi There, after many years in a certain industry, I have now decided to form my own business and provide the home and small business population a service that has been sorely missing. I have seen and dealt with many agencies and companies that provide this but I always hear the same complaints (I must admit I have also encountered this) , too expensive, do not have any idea what the problem/ issue is let alone solve it. Knowledge in that area, abruptness and lack of soft skills to engage the customer, leaving them dissatisfied and upset. I aim to target this area, by using my years of ‘hard’ learnt knowledge, experience and skillsets I am confident that I will succeed. However I want to build and put in place the correct infrastructure and resources first, I am booked in on some government run workshops, have recently received my ABN, business name is registered, domain name registered. I would like to watch David K’s series of online video’s and would like to start at number 1, please could you tell me where I can start watching these. Best Regards Rick

  5. Hi Kochie, Over 10 million of Australians have Osteoporosis, Anemia or digestive related problems. Our mission is to lower this number by prevention 100% natural way by drinking Korytnica mineral water that dates back to 12th Century.


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