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  1. Hi Kochie, my name is Michael Dalton, I am Plasterer and a Builder’s Labourer and I have been hanging plaster and Insurlation and putting up metal battens and I have been stopping up for 6 and half years and my work is neat and good Quality and I am hard worker and I work back to 8.00 pm some times any Builders around Geelong and surf coast and Melbourne, my mobile number is 0488671244 from Mick Dalton.

  2. Hi Kochie I am a plasterer and I have been hanging for 12years 7months and stopping for 6 years and 7 months and I am a builders Labourer and I have been this work 7 years around Geelong and the surf coast and West Melbourne, South Melbourne,port Melbourne, Hawthorn, and can you tell builders around Geelong and Melbourne about me and I do good quality work from Michael Dalton and my mobile number is 0488671244.

  3. Hi Kochie,
    I have a questions regarding business accounts, I have a small business and travel around doing events so need mobile eftpos facility my question is can you have an eftpos facility without having an actual business account. The reason I ask is that I am paying $35.20 per month just to have a so called business account, so was thinking about transferring it into an everyday account with no fees, is this feasible?


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