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Kochie’s Business Builders TV: episode 1, series 11

- October 3, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Watch the first episode of KBB TV for series 11 here:

In our first episode back on air for series 11 a hairdresser from Radiance Hair learns how to recoup the cost of a renovation and as a bonus her business becomes even more profitable. Plus how a stay-at-home mum became a millionaire. Ask Kochie is back with a leading surf board shaper Mick Slattery who wants to grow his business without ‘wiping out’. There’s also News you can use and a new segment called Pillars of Success you’ll love. Learn why the most important part of your business is you!

Tune in for series 11 of Kochie’s Business Builders TV on Sunday 12pm on Channel 7 for all the best in small business news, tips and work hacks to help you boost your business.

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