JustMums Recruitment just needed some SMART Time Management

- March 7, 2018 2 MIN READ

In 2017 JustMums Recruitment won an amazing program of small business support from Kochie’s Business Builders experts including $20,000 worth of targeted time management and business coaching from Time Stylers.

Kate Christie, Founder and CEO of Time Stylers, gave KBB an update on Rachel Perkins and Erin Kefalas, the Directors of JustMums Recruitment’s, progress to date.

“The timing was perfect for us to be working with Time Stylers,” said Rachel, “JustMums Recruitment launched in 2012 to address a distinct lack of recruitment services catering for working mums. We have grown steadily since then and to be honest, the juggle was becoming increasingly hard to sustain.”

For a business promoting flexibility and work/ life balance for working mums, Rachel and Erin needed to walk their own talk.

Enter Kate Christie from Time Stylers. ‘JustMums Recruitment is a dynamic small business with a clever niche and service offering. However, like many small business operators, Rachel and Erin were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what needed to be done. Add to that, they were trying to do everything themselves: revenue generating tasks, administration, customer service, marketing, business development, HR, social media, finance and more. They had so many competing priorities, and were so close to the business, that it was hard for them focus their efforts.’

Like many small business owners, the Directors of JustMums Recruitment had 3 key time challenges:

1.They did not have enough time.

2.They were not controlling the time they have

3. They were not focussing on the right tasks at the right time

Time Stylers worked with Rachel and Erin to provide targeted time management business coaching.

“The Time Stylers program is exceptional and extensive,” says Erin, “We have learnt so much. Kate coached us through her 5-step framework to help us regain control of our time. The step I found most impactful was to map our time over a number of days. It helped us identify where all our time was going, the habits we had which were robbing us of time, and just how much we were juggling.’ Rachel agrees and adds, ‘Kate introduced us to new strategies to help us take back control of our time, to focus on what is most important, and to have the confidence to outsource the tasks someone else could do for us.”

Time Stylers also worked with Just Mums Recruitment on their 12-month business plan, identifying the key strategic projects that will contribute to their success in 2018 and beyond.

“We have loved working with Time Stylers. Kate and her team kept us accountable and made sure we implemented dozens of new time management strategies,” says Erin.

“Things are coming together and there is such a positive sense of momentum in the business,” adds Rachel, “We have the right focus and the discipline to retain control of our time. We were simply spreading ourselves too thin. We are now putting in place resources and processes to ensure we continue to be productive, efficient and focused. We have genuine clarity for our future and it’s exciting.”

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