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60 second tip: boost social media

- March 6, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

CEO of Showpo, Jane Lu shares her 7 top tips to help your business increase it’s social media presence.

1. Use engagement for instant feedback: The number of likes will tell you what your audience wants to see and tells you what you should post. Also, sometimes good hashtags can build likes over time.

2. Post frequently to keep up consistency: use a scheduler. At Showpo, we use Schedugram.

3. Take risks and try new things: if it doesn’t work, you can always just delete it. As much as social media platforms are based on algorithms, it’s quite unpredictable, so you should always take risks in case it may go viral.

4. Have a strong voice: don’t try to please everyone, know who you are and what your brand is, and build on that.

5. Make sure what you post is native to each platform: for example, a Facebook post may not be suitable for Instagram, and a Snapchat video may not be suitable for youtube.

6. Collaborate with others: and leverage off each other’s followings.

7. Enjoy it!: For it to be sustainable and not a chore that you might just give up on, you need to like it and find it enjoyable!

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