It’s world kindness day – why not pay it forward

- November 12, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

It’s World Kindness Day today, a day to celebrate the good deeds and purposeful work done by communities and businesses to make the world a better place.

World Kindness Day was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of kindness NGOs. Celebrated on November 13 each year, World Kindness Day’s main objective is to raise awareness of the world kindness movement, share and ideas and projects of kindness around the globe and provide opportunities for people to work together to bring more kindness to the world.

At Kochie’s Business Builders we’re big fans of kindness – after all, it goes hand-in-hand with optimism and you already know how we feel about that – so we’re encouraging you and your business to join the movement and spread some goodwill.

Being kind doesn’t have to take a lot of effort – sometimes the simplest of acts can brighten a day. Stumped for ideas? Why not try one of these nine suggestions?

  1. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee
  2. Cook dinner for a friend
  3. Volunteer for the day at a charity
  4. Cull your belongings and donate them to a worthy cause
  5. Be grateful for what you have  and share your gratitude with others
  6. Recommend the services of your favourite local business
  7. Doing the grocery shopping? Bring your shopping trolley back inside
  8. Leave a co-worker a happy note
  9. Hold the door open for someone

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