It’s time for you to get better at self-promotion

- October 19, 2020 3 MIN READ
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You cannot sell a secret and for those of you who are feeling invisible online… things aren’t going to get any easier for you. It may sound a little harsh, but these are the facts right now. If you are the business of helping people – and getting your ware’s into the hands of consumers who need it – you cannot ignore the need to be seen online, writes online visibility expert Nicola Moras.

Is online marketing worth it?

For those who haven’t been using the online world for business, the mere thought of showing up online can bring on a serious case of the nerves. All of our age-old insecurities tend to rise up. Some of these fears and worries may ring true for you, too. The worry about what your peers are going to say (or not say). The fear of being judged by others. Not to mention “Imposter Syndrome”. It’s a jungle out there!

Almost every client I have worked with tends to share with me that they have (or they have worked through) some and or all of the above three issues. The next big one is the worry that you’re going to be spending time online, putting yourself out there and nobody is going to listen, hear or watch you. Ugh. Is it even worth it?

I am here to tell you that it IS! It is absolutely worth letting go of the above fears, worries and concerns, because on the other side of this is everything you want. Freedom, great clients and of course, profits.

In ‘normal’ times you could be forgiven for shunning the online world in favour of in-person networking or meeting up with referral networks and cultivating relationships in the more traditional sense. But what happens when the worst thing happens? Like COVID?

We have seen unprecedented levels of content being created for social media minute by minute. We are seeing people spending more time online. It is quite simply something that you can no longer ignore. With any smart business decision that you make, you must treat it like an investment in your future. It may even be the very thing that keeps you afloat or helps you to thrive during these uncertain times.

You must create a way for your business to stand out amongst the noise. To cut through the BS and to be seen by those who you know you can help. It’s time to get comfy with self-promotion if you really want to stand out.

Every single day I work with businesses who are struggling to be seen and heard online. Every day I help entrepreneurs and business owners get ‘their message out there’. But it’s not just about creating more and more content and throwing it up on the internet with the hope that something sticks.
These are the best and smartest ways for you to do it:

Get Brave and share YOU!

Every single thing starts with the decision to do something differently. Choose that you’re going to go all in for the next 90 days with your online presence building.

Self-promotion isn’t a dirty phrase. If have a way of helping people with your product and or service, you have a duty of care to get that out there!

Start with a plan

You wouldn’t start up a brand new business without a plan! Don’t start your online presence without one, either. Identify what the desired outcome is from social media and then reverse engineer what you need to do from there.

For example, if you want to generate sales, you would create a plan and following that a social media strategy that supports this. If you’re wanting to create brand awareness, then you would need to create a plan and a strategy to support that.

Consistency wins

You win every day of the week online if you’re showing up consistently with your content compared to businesses who only post ‘now and then’. People are dubious of what they see online and slow to trust. Creating content tailored to your audience (and shared consistently) will see you heads and shoulders above the competition.

This is the call to arms. This is the battle cry! Please, your audience is imploring you to step up and be visible online, so they can learn from you and buy from you.

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