Is your business wasting time waiting in line?

New research commissioned by Zoom2U has found half of  Australian businesses surveyed have never used a courier company, despite results suggesting they will spend between 10 minutes to half an hour waiting in line to drop off or pick up parcels at a post office.

The survey revealed 92% of Australians still use the post office to send packages, with 38% using this method every time they send or receive anything. Utilising the post office for pick up and delivery was most popular with those aged between 26-33 most likely to do so.

Steve Orenstein, founder and CEO of Zoom2U says tens of millions of deliveries are made nationwide every year and teh resarch suggested Aussies are spending significant time waiting in line.

“Also, when you consider that this research doesn’t even take into account how much time  is wasted travelling to and from the post office, it really is a time-sucking task that could be avoided for not much more in terms of cost in most cases.”

The research went on to show that more than half of Australians have never used a courier company for a personal delivery, with many saying it’s because they didn’t realise it was possible.

“These days, couriering for both personal and business requirements is easier than ever. A task that would otherwise take at least half an hour or more out of your day can be done online from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office in mere minutes,”Orenstein said.

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