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Is the hesitation trap holding you back?

- September 18, 2023 3 MIN READ

Have you ever been faced with an important business decision, and rather than having confidence in yourself, trusting your awareness, and taking swift action, you hesitate? asks Simone Milasas.

Has that hesitation ever cost you in some way? Maybe you lost a contract, or an exceptional employee quit. Or perhaps you missed out on bringing a product to market before the competition beat you to it,

There are countless scenarios in which hesitating can cost you and your business, yet many business leaders find themselves in the hesitation trap. Fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and obsession with always getting things ‘right’ can all be contributing factors.

Leaders of businesses that thrive function from clarity and action, not hesitation.

Three tips to take you out of hesitation and into creation

Give Up Trying to get it right

One of the most significant factors of the hesitation trap is the need to get things right, always have the correct answer, and never make mistakes. There is no right or wrong choice. There is simply a choice. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to gain more awareness. When you look at business decisions from this perspective, you can let go of the self-induced pressure, and it is far easier to have clarity on what will and will not work.

When you find yourself struggling with trying to get it right, pause and ask a question. Questions interrupt the autopilot of self-doubt. One question is, “What else is possible here, with this situation and business that I have never considered?” And, “What can I choose here that will create something greater for my business and the planet?”

Asking questions is not about finding an answer. Asking questions is about gaining the awareness of possibilities, and then you are not stuck in the loop of trying to get it right.

Discover your unique way of business

Trying to do business like everyone around you often leads to hesitation. You are not like everyone else, and attempting to create your business by mimicking others creates an internal struggle.

What is your unique way in the world? What is your unique path of business? What abilities, talents and gifts do you have that you are not using because you don’t see anyone else functioning similarly? If you are unsure of your unique path, here is a clue. Look at what is so easy for you that you dismiss its value because you assume everyone else can do it. Everyone else can’t do it. It is easy for YOU. Now, ask, “How can I use this to my advantage? How can I use this to create business in my unique way?”

Hesitation = seeking validation

Hesitation in business often occurs because, rather than trusting yourself and your unique way, rather than choosing what you desire, you look for someone else to validate you, your ideas, and your choices. What if you stopped looking for someone to validate you and began to trust yourself instead?

You won’t get it ‘right’ every time, but who cares? Acknowledge what is great about you, even if no one else sees it. Ask, “What do I know here?” When you make a choice and are not happy with the result, rather than deciding that you made a mistake, ask, “What do I know now that I did not know before I made this choice? What awareness have I gained?” And then keep going and choosing.

My father once asked me, “If you knew you could not fail, what would you choose? Whenever you slip into the hesitation trap, I invite you to ask this question. In truth, you cannot fall. Failure does not exist. Getting it right doesn’t exist, either. All of it is based on judgment, and judgment is not real.

Ask questions. Discover your brilliant, beautiful, potent, and unique way in business and allow yourself to BE it. Stop looking for others to validate you. This is your life, this is your business, and this is not a dry run. No more waiting. Time to get creative!

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