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#AskKochie Facebook Live: Investing in your business and finding a niche

- July 9, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

In this week’s #AskKochie Facebook Live, Kochie fielded some great small business and personal finance questions from all over Australia.

Below are a few of our favourites. Watch the video to find out his answers.

Jasmin Whately of Whately Photography in WA asked,Hi, I’m a Professional Photographer in WA and I find that in a lot of ways you gotta spend money to make money… Where should the line be in order to prevent myself spending to much personal money instead of using my businesses income?”

Jess Mac asked,y husband and I are looking into buying our first home. We have 4 children and my husband works. We don’t have a deposit as yet. How would you suggest that we go about saving as much money as quick as possible? Are the lenders who help people out there with out a big deposit?”

Mina Sedgman, a small business and leadership coach for women asked, “Hi David, I have a business coach niche question. I am a business mentor and coach, I have niched to women in small business. I have a business group called feminine leadership in small business. How more niched should I go? I feel I need to find a real problem to focus on. What have you experienced women in small business really need help with? I know many do not niche enough, however going to the market as a niching coach seems to scare people off, or do you see a real need in that market and what would I call myself. Thanks for your help and wisdom.” 

Em Towns asked,Hi my husband and I are starting a maintenance business is it better for us to see an accountant or for me to to go doing a bookkeeping course and doing myself? Or using both?”

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