Ice cream company calls out PM for inaction on climate change

- February 20, 2019 2 MIN READ

A local ice cream company has taken Prime Minister Scott Morrison to task for failing to act on climate change.  Alex Houseman founder of Over the Moo, a vegan ice cream company based in Newtown has taken the unusual step of placing a full-page ad In the Sydney Morning Herald calling for the PM to take action.

Houseman’s business is completely carbon neutral and he believes if a small vegan ice cream company can take action than why can’t the government?

“Over the Moo believes every contribution matters — that’s why every scoop of our dairy-free ice cream is now 100 per cent carbon neutral. Yes, all the emissions from coconuts picked through to tubs chilling in Woolworths, are now offset by renewable energy and planting trees,” says Houseman.

While the warmer weather attributed to global warming may seem like a great business opportunity for someone who owns an ice cream company, Houseman says protecting the planet is more important.

“We’re facing a problem that’s more important than our bottom line – intense coral bleaching, drier droughts and extreme flooding. It’s time for PM Scomo to get fair dinkum about climate change. There is no Planet B.”

Houseman hopes more businesses will consider how to offset their carbon footprint and join the fight to reduce emissions.

“We hope our efforts can inspire other businesses to not only do their part for the planet but also keep the government on their toes.”




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