I want it now: why delivery options matter to your customer

- October 9, 2019 3 MIN READ

Australians have taken to online shopping in droves. In 2018 Aussies spent a massive $27.5 billion on eCommerce purchases. The number of online sales has increased year on year by more than 13 per cent across all states and territories. In that same time, Australia Post Group reports it delivered more than 3.3 billion items to over 12 million addresses across the nation.¹ By 2021 it is predicted that almost 12 per cent of all consumer spending will be online.²

This surge in eCommerce is being driven by several factors, such as the rise of ‘buy now pay later’ payment options and uptake in sales events. In 2018 Aussie shoppers’ purchases during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales soared to surpass Christmas as the peak online sales week of the year³.

I want it now

Competition for customers is heating up as more marketplaces open to vie for the Aussie dollar and consumers increase their online hunt for the best bargains. All the while, expectations continue to rise. The Netflix generations’ ‘I want it now’ credo is becoming commonplace, with the ability to buy ‘when I want, where I want and how I want’, the new normal. Businesses must keep this mantra in mind to succeed online.

What about Delivery on Demand?

Online retailers that offer speedy delivery and reliable returns are winning market share. Delivery on-demand, one-day delivery and free returns are the magic trifectas that will help give small business owners the edge. The Inside Australian Online Shopping 2019 Ecommerce Report found major fashion retailers such as Cotton On and The Iconic are already reaping the benefits, sweetening the deal for their customers with express delivery services at low costs.4 As more retailers provide faster fulfilment and delivery, shoppers’ expectations will continue to rise, suggesting retailers must adopt new ways to retain or grow their market share.5

Do you have a delivery strategy?

Australia Post reports consumer demand for next day delivery has jumped to 31.7 per cent over the past year, increasing to 62 per cent if the purchase is fashion related.There is little doubt, convenience counts. If your business is not offering a speedy delivery service, chances are you will suffer cart abandonment when it comes time for the buyer to check out. Take a leaf out of the big brand’s book to offer express services for customers who meet a minimum spend or provide free return labels to make it simple to send back a purchase when needed.

Do you cater for the conscious consumer?

How environmentally conscious is your delivery service? Consumers are more conscience-driven than ever before. How can your business respond to this trend? Think about offsetting your carbon footprint from shipping services. Research shows that 49 per cent of online shoppers would choose to buy products from businesses who act to reduce their impact on the environment.7 While a further 60 per cent wants the option of sustainable packaging.8 So how does your delivery service stack up?

A final thought

Today’s consumers expect a seamless customer experience that goes beyond the checkout. Delivery is the final frontier you need to cross to ensure a satisfied shopper. Get it right and you’ll be rewarded with repeat business. Get it wrong and your sales may slide.

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