HR management system for time-poor small business owners

- April 20, 2016 2 MIN READ

Growing your business often means growing your team. But running a people intensive business and managing your workforce means your day can quickly be consumed with HR demands. The seemingly endless array of employee managing tasks can hinder your productivity if not managed in an efficient way. 

A statistical snapshot of employment contribution and workforce arrangement shows that small business employment growth was up 3.2 percent in the last financial year. Small business account for the largest share of total employment in Australia representing 44.0 percent of the workforce and 4.7 million Australians.  

Simplifying rostering, timesheets, payroll and being able to efficiently communicate with your employees frees up time for value-adding tasks and big picture thinking. While advice to owners has often clung to outsourcing and delegating to HR professional, there is now another way forward.

You may have already adopted online software to help you get work done in areas like accounting, an integrated HR system would give you more control in less time and make HR management easier in the long run.  

Web based software DiffuzeHR has entered the market as an end-to-end workforce managing software for small businesses. The platform essentially performs as a HR manager and allows small to medium enterprises to access an online portal for employees, performance management features, and legally-compliant industry and role specific documents.

Founder Barry Lehrer explained it simply as “an end-to-end system by which you as a company can use us and feel confident that what you’re giving to your people, or how you’re dealing with your people, is not only in accordance with Australian workplace laws, but is following best-practice HR methods.”

Small business owners need to be on the ball and ensure that they are working in accordance with regulations and keeping up with employee paperwork, said Lehrer, so that they can spend time dealing with “true HR issues” such as workplace culture. “That isn’t admin, it’s about building a company,” Lehrer said.

The idea was born several years ago as Lehrer observed small businesses expanding their pool of employees but struggling to manage them, particularly in compliant industries such as trades or childcare.

“When I was looking around, I couldn’t see anything that was simple and complete to help them with HR. Funnily enough, a friend of mine had been developing some learning management systems that I had been doing some marketing around, and I looked at him and said, I could turn this into a HR application. I sat down with both legal and HR people to gel my thoughts about how I saw it working for SMBs, and went from there,” Lehrer explained.

While there are a number of competitor systems offered in the HR space, such as cloud based management app Deputy, Lehrer believes the simplicity of DiffuzeHR is exactly what small business owners need.

“Probably the biggest difference between us and them comes back to the fact of how our business came about versus theirs. A lot of the others came because the founders were HR experts or lawyers who decided it was a great idea. In this case, it came about because of someone who was on the coalface as an employer or worked with employers said, there really isn’t anything out there and this is how an employer thinks,” Lehrer said.


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