How to use video to boost sales this holiday season

- December 10, 2019 3 MIN READ

The holiday season is upon us – with most retailers reporting it accounts for nearly 30 per cent of annual sales – but with fierce competition for market share, it can be a tough job to keep your business in the spotlight, writes Anna Ji, Director of Product and Growth at video creation platform Clipchamp.

Today’s small business owners have so many different channels they need to stay on top of and to add to the challenge, 79 per cent of consumers now prefer to watch a video than to have to read text.  

Video has become a crucial component to try and increase conversion and average order value. Research indicates 52 per cent of marketing professionals have claimed creating video content resulted in the best ROI, with some stating that 64 per cent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. 

Yet creating video is expensive and time-consuming, right? Wrong!

Myth -I don’t have the time or money for video

The good news is you don’t need to go out and take actual video footage of your products to make videos. You can use existing still product photos and turn them into video content. Many video editing platforms today have ready to go templates where you drag and drop your photos, add Holiday branding, music and voila! You have just refactored a still image into a video to create more engaging content to be shared across all your channels. 

The top content you need to consider creating are: 

  1. Promote Deals –  with holiday specials or end of year sales, creating short and sweet videos to continually share across your various marketing channels is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to let your customers know about your products and special offers.
  2. Gift Guides are a great way to drive sales this time of year. Creating video gift guides for Dads, Moms, Teens, Kids, Grandparents, Coffee Lovers, Dog Lovers, under $50, under $100 – the possibilities are endless. Brainstorm all the products you have in your inventory, consider the different lists you can create and share as many as you can in the run-up to the Holidays. 
  1. Send Cheer – the holidays should hopefully not just be all about selling. It is also time to connect and build relationships with your customers. send Holiday Cheer on family days, show your customers the behind the scenes of your company in a Year in Review. 

Organizing your content

Today there are so many different channels every marketer needs to consider creating constant new content for – interactive banners for the website, product videos, landing pages, email videos, social media ads and a continually growing number of social media channels e.g. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Consider a ‘create once – share everywhere’ strategy

First off, decide on what will be your company’s 2019 holiday season brand. What backgrounds, colour schemes, fonts, icons e.g. snowman or a gingerbread man will be splashed across all of your channels this holiday season? Try and keep it consistent with every new piece of content you create.  You should be trying to create the same consistent brand identity for your company.

After you create your overall themes and brand, then your content will most likely need to be resized, reshaped and recut to cater to the different channels. 

One Minute Version 

Video consumed directly on your website and the dedicated mobile apps (Instagram and Snapchat) is best created short and sweet. Instagram doesn’t allow videos over one minute and will need to be cut to the smartphone ratio – 1.91.1. 

Two Minute Version 

Facebook and YouTube users enjoy longer content and videos around the two-minute mark win on these platforms. Facebook favours you more if you post your video directly onto your Facebook page (as opposed to reposting a YouTube Link). 

Don’t forget 

  • Add clickable links to bring people directly from the video to the product page. 
  • Adding text – remember not everyone will have their audio on when they watch their video.
  • Any time you post new content on your social media channels, only a fraction of your customers will ever see it, so the more content you share, the more likely you will get on their radar. 
  • Encourage people to share!

And that’s it. I hope this guide helps you consider the endless opportunities video can give every marketer to create inexpensive but effective content to drive sales this holiday season. 

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