How to use Tumblr for small business

- June 20, 2018 3 MIN READ

Tumblr has over 130 million blogs. And it is also one of the top 15 websites in the US. The platform allows you to share anything effortlessly, like photos, links, music, and videos, more. Many businesses are using it to increase their reach. Is yours?

if you want to attract more traffic to your business’ site, using Tumblr is a great option. Keep in mind that search engines index this platform, thereby, improving your SEO efforts. Furthermore, Tumblr encourages interaction. Thus, the community that you build here will be more engaging than other social networking channels.

But before you jump into it, make sure that you know how to use it properly. Here are some great tips on how to use Tumblr for small business.

Know your audience

You can only succeed on Tumblr or any social networking channels if you know your audience. Thus, make sure to create content that surely appeals to Tumblr users. Pay close attention to your audience so you can carefully customize posts that will go viral. The posts will also garner thousands of reblogs. Insert some tongue-in-cheek humor now and again to give your brand a human element.

Your followers may also want to be promoted or featured on your blog. Thus, encourage active engagement by inviting them to submit their selfies that show how they use your product or service. Then, reblog their posts to your massive audience to see. Use the Submit feature of Tumblr to enable users to easily submit their videos or text.

Be active

The key to engaging your followers on Tumblr is to listen and curate. Find out what topics are related to your business, search blogs that publish engaging items about those topics, and follow them. Comment on their posts and respond to any comments on your page. Engaging your community in a positive way will help you earn their trust.

Being active on Tumblr also means sharing other blog posts. Reblog other posts up to five times a day. Then, each day, try to like posts from other people. If you’re not sure what kind of content resonates well with your audience, you may experiment with your own videos or photos, post links to some interesting things that you find online, publish some tips, etc.

Publish relevant content

You can use different tools to boost your blog’s traffic. However, generating traffic is not good enough. What you need is a targeted traffic though relative content. In this way, it boosts your reader’s attention. You need excellent images of your products to encourage people to share your posts with their friends. To boost reblogging, opt to publish GIFs and photos.

Take advantage of tags

One of the ways Tumblr users discover other people’s posts is through tags. These are words that you can include in  your posts. For example, if you have a post about realestate photography tips you may use tags, such as “real estate tips,” “real estate photography,” “photography real estate.”

If you’re not sure what tags to use to gather more attention, track the tags used on popular posts for related topics. Tag your posts utilizing the same tags. But you must only do so if they are relevant to your post. Doing so will allow others to track your tags and discover your posts. You need to spend a few minutes of your time adding tags to your post. It definitely worth it since it can expand your network quickly.

Promote posts with humour

One of the reasons small business owners utilize Tumblr is to promote their websites. They share links to their posts to drive traffic. Unfortunately, links get little engagement on Tumblr. To mitigate it, however, you may create fun images and GIFs that you can tie in with the posts you wish to publicize on this platform. However, make sure that those funny photos don’t appear too pushy.

Users on Tumblr want to be entertained. Thus, if you post an entertaining image or video, they are more likely to reblog your content.

Learn to use memes

As a marketer, make sure to showcase your talent on Tumblr to make your brand more engaging. Opt to make your content visual and learn to use popular memes well. Try to create posts that contain a weekly meme that focuses on your product or service.

Pair your posts with cheeky commentary to make them a smash hit with the platform’s young demographic. The users here would surely interact with content that makes them smile. That said, make sure to publish images that will make your audience feel good. Doing so will surely spike engagement. However, don’t overly promote your product. Make sure to post other interesting content too and reduce product promotion, unless you already have a strong brand.


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