How to organise your crazy online world: Feedly vs Buffer

- October 29, 2020 3 MIN READ
Laptop and ordered files symbolise how online organisers can streamline your digital presence

Traversing the digital business world can be overwhelming. Not only can it be difficult to find the right information for your business but working out what to do with it next can be just as complicated. One option is to shelve certain online platforms altogether, the other is to reorganise them. Luckily, there are plenty of applications to achieve this.

Why you should get your online content in order

As digital marketing is a staple of modern-day business, it’s important to know what features can best help you navigate this online space. Although they perform different tasks, both Feedly and Buffer aim to streamline your business’ digital presence and centralise your online information in one place. Though one may be more suitable for your business, Feedly can be integrated into the Buffer dashboard to give you the best of both worlds.


Feedly is a market research tool that champions its ability to “keep up with the topics and trends you care about, without the overwhelm.” It has a user-friendly navigation enabling you to peruse multiple business-relevant sources without the information overload. Plus, Feedly prioritises the most relevant topics for your business from 11 different types of online sources using the AI research assistant, Leo. For instance, if you need the latest tech or market updates, just create a feed, add your trusted sources and Leo will do the rest.


  • Aggregate all your go-to publications on the one feed
  • Compile many types of sources including social media, news and research journals
  • Share feeds with team members to inform them of industry insights
  • Organise important information by categorising each feed
  • View board analytics to explore what your team reads the most
  • Customise your feed
  • Feedly blog and training support available
  • Downloadable on mobile, tablet and desktop
Snapshot of Feedly homepage demonstrates its helpfulness as an online organiser

The Feedly homepage simplifies how you retrieve online information (Image courtesy of



  • Topic Classification: Leo learns as you filter searches, allowing you to prioritise online information by keywords, trends, relevant topics and business-specific sources
  • Summarisation: Leo scans through articles appearing on your feed to provide a concise summary of the most essential information
  • Web Extension: Save articles and other sources directly to your Feedly board while you’re browsing the web



Pro: 1000 sources (US$6/month)


Pro+: 2500 sources (US$12/month)


Business: 5000 sources (US$18/month)


Enterprise: 7500 sources (Contact Feedly for pricing)

*Billed annually. Prices accurate on 27/10/20.

Feedly also offer a free basic plan with up to 100 sources you can follow, increasing in access to product features as you upgrade your plan. For an in-depth price comparison, click here.


While Buffer used to incorporate an RSS feed like Feedly, it has veered more toward content creation, scheduling and audience analysis. As a social media manager, Buffer strives to create a platform “where the path to social media success is clear and attainable for brands of every size.” Buffer has two applications: Buffer Publish and Buffer Analyze. These work in tandem to enhance the opportunities for businesses to make meaningful connections with their social audience.


  • Plan, schedule and publish posts on one dashboard
  • Generate content on many social networks simultaneously
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Schedule Instagram stories in advance including a first comment
  • Receive easy-to-read analytics reports
  • View calendar to review gaps in content
  • Buffer blog provided with tutorials available
  • Available on mobile, tablet and desktop
Snapshot of Buffer website exemplifies its proficiency for scheduling and publishing social content

The Buffer dashboard reorganises your social media networks, streamlining how you plan and post content (Image courtesy of



  • Shop Grid: Add a link to your Instagram bio and connect several URLs to your images on the grid-inspired landing page
  • Buffer Answers: Get tailored advice on when to post, how often to post and what type of post to use
  • Browser Extension: Add links, images and videos directly to your queue of scheduled content while on any webpage



Buffer Publish:

Pro: 1 user, 8 social profiles (US$12/month)


Premium: 2 users, 8 social profiles (US$56/month)


Business: 6 users, 25 social profiles (US$85/month)


Buffer Analyze:

Pro: 8 social profiles (US$35/month)


Premium: 10 social profiles (US$50/month)

*Billed annually. Prices accurate on 27/10/20.

A 14-day free trial is also available. Access to the above features improves as you upgrade your Publish or Analyze plan.

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