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How To Make Your Domain More Powerful

- February 24, 2016 3 MIN READ

For small businesses, choosing a domain name and creating a domain and creating a website are the first of many steps on the road to success for your digital presence.

It’s important to help ensure that you are making the most of your domain name to maximise your business’ reach and impact on the Internet. Here are five simple tips to get the most value out of your domain name, and help ensure you’re using it to effectively promote your business online.

1. Make your website mobile friendly

If your website isn’t mobile optimised, this should be the next step to growing your business. Mobile retail sales in Australia are forecast to double within the next year, so there has never been a better time to take your business into this space.

If you don’t, your customers may be unable to find you when using a mobile device, or worse still, they may find your competitors instead. Customers may also become frustrated or deterred if your site is slow loading, hard to read or unresponsive on mobile devices, which can harm your conversion rates.

2. Invest in a professional email address

Your email address reflects who you are as a business. Having your business name associated with a free email provider may not always be the best way to inspire confidence.

To help take your business more seriously, many people will expect to see your business name reflected in your email address, and linking the two will also help make your business name more memorable for your customers (e.g.

3. Create a blog and link it to your domain name

Now you’re online, amplify your domain name through content marketing, such as a blog, demonstrational YouTube videos or podcasts. Establishing a blog or other content allows you to showcase your expertise to prospective customers, and show them that you’re a thought leader in your industry.
By linking your content to your domain name you can help establish credibility for your brand. Content that is interesting content can also be shareable on social media, helping to drive your reach even further.

4. Create an online store

Online retail sales in Australia are expected to grow by 20 per cent in the next year, so there has never been a better time to establish an e-commerce site for your small business. This may seem daunting, however there are many service providers that make it easy to build and run a customised web store, so you don’t need to be a technical whiz. Some of the features these sites can include are credit card and PayPal payment processing, built-in SEO features, mobile-friendly templates and even a Facebook store that’s automatically linked to your website. If you’re ready to start selling online, with simple instructions you can set-up your own store easily and quickly, and start to grow your business.

5. Make your website stand out

You have decided on the right name for your domain name, and registered one that represents who you are and what you’ve got to offer. But how can you make your website powerful and engaging?

An SEO campaign can help increase traffic from users who click through to your site from an organic search. To stand out from the crowd, ensure you have a relevant title tag and use these same keywords in your URL. Also use keywords to headline the different pages throughout your website, and ensure these give a clear understanding of what that particular page contains.As a small business, your domain name is one of your most valuable assets. Giving your domain name as many consumer touchpoints as possible is the best way to help give your business credibility and cut through in a crowded space, and make you more memorable in the process.

Tara Commerford is the GoDaddy Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand

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