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How to juggle family and business when you launch your startup

- February 22, 2024 3 MIN READ


Launching a business while raising young kids is a unique and challenging journey that demands a delicate balance between professional and personal responsibilities.  Cass Wingrove, co-founder of Nourishy, shares her insights.

Since founding Nourishy, many lessons have been learned along the way that have both helped to guide and encourage us to keep moving forward.

When we decided to go ahead and launch Nourishy we knew that it was going to be a tough balancing act between being present, hands-on parents whilst also putting in a huge amount of time and energy into the business.

Dean and I have always had corporate jobs whilst having various side hustles, so we are no strangers to hard work and long hours after the kiddies are in bed.

However, a huge challenge we faced when launching Nourishy was that we had to relocate our family to Brisbane from Sydney, as that was the best place to have our customised facility set up.

Our top priority before we focused on the business was that our children felt as settled as possible in their new home and schools. We knew if they were settled and secure it would give us the head space to focus on what needed to be done for the business.

This was a particularly difficult time, especially for our kiddies as they missed their Sydney friends and familiar surroundings. There were many tears shed by all of us… but it made Dean and I even more determined to make sure Nourishy was a success.

A couple of learnings that have helped us along the way were:

Divide and conquer

When we arrived, we had a house to unpack, kids to settle into schools and a business to set up. Many of our early meetings were carried out in the car whilst driving to see different childcare centres, unpacking boxes and late nights behind our laptops. However, prioritising what were the most important tasks for that week for both our family and the business helped us to conquer these tasks.

Flexible scheduling is key

We have embraced a more ‘flexible schedule’ that allows us to focus on the business during school hours and then for at least one of us to be with the children in the afternoon. We try and do something as a family where we are all together, either eating dinner or going for a walk so that we maintain some solid family time. Once the children are asleep we then start working again, this is however is a dicey game as little children like to wake up early with lots of energy.

Embrace efficiency

When launching a startup with a young family you don’t have an endless amount of time to solely focus on the business, you need to make the most of your working hours to maximise the output. Automating as many of the tasks as possible took time and energy in the beginning but this has served us well to help maximise our productivity down the track.

Self-care matters:

Starting a business and having three small children makes it very challenging to set aside time for self-care. However, we both found the days that we ate more nutritious meals and did even 20 minutes of exercise whether it be an at home workout or walking the dogs, we were more energised. Self care is even more important when you have children relying on you to be healthy so you can care for them.

It’s a family business

We do our best to position building this business as something we’ve done for our family. We often talk to our children about things that have happened in the business and why a service like ours is important. We incorporate the children in celebrating the wins and milestones Nourishy has achieved so they can also feel that sense of pride and involvement.

Most weekends we need to be at the facility for a few hours and we usually bring the children along. They enjoy playing upstairs in the office or riding bikes and skateboards in the carpark and we always plan to go and do something fun as a family afterwards.

I commend all parents out there as the juggle between work and family life is not an easy one. However, we know that building this business will also give us the freedom to create our own schedules and be even more available parents as the business grows and expands. We have high hopes that this will be a legacy that we have launched and built as a family.

One of the truest sayings we live by is: “Remember that as you’re juggling your work-life balance, your work ball is made of rubber, it can bounce back, but your family, friends, health, and spirit are glass balls that will shatter if you drop them.”

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