How to hero your customers and share relatable stories

- July 11, 2022 3 MIN READ
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So, you know that you need to get your customers talking about you and sharing their experiences, but when you nail a brilliant testimonial, are you doing everything you can to amplify it? Anthony Caruana and Kathryn Van Kuyk from Media-Wize share three top tips for heroing your customers to boost your business.

Every business knows that happy customers make the best advocates. When a customer tells their friends about you, that referral can lead to more opportunities.

But there’s a problem. Your customers can only tell a limited number of people. Even someone with hundreds of friends or followers on social media will only get through to a small fraction of those people.

Three tips to amplify your strongest customer stories

The challenge for businesses is to find those great customer stories and amplify them so the number of people who hear about your great work is maximised.

Challenge 1: Finding the right customers

The busyness of life means we don’t often take the time to look back and reflect on a job well done. But taking a moment to think about how you served a customer and then asking them about their experience of working with you accomplishes a couple of things.

You can learn about how you might have done things differently to deliver an even better outcome, and can also learn about what made them happy.

When you spot a satisfied customer, ask them if they would be willing to be a public ambassador and share their experience with your brand. In exchange for this, you might offer them a gift, free product or discount to redeem in the future.

Challenge 2: Telling customer stories

Armed with that information, you can find stories that describe what the customer achieved and the benefits they experienced working with you. That information can be brought to life in an engaging way as a testimonial for your website, to leverage across your social media and potentially in your advertisements and emails to your customer database.

If your budget permits, you could also film a video with your customer or produce a podcast episode featuring them.

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The key to telling a great customer story is to shine the spotlight on the customer. It may be tempting to try and make yourself the star of the show, but getting the customer to talk about their success with you is critical. A great customer story includes a clear statement of the problem they wanted to solve, how you helped them solve it, and the measurable benefits achieved.

A great story doesn’t need to be told with lots of words. For many businesses, great photos and other supporting images can be compelling. A portfolio of images showing the before and after of a project, or graphs showing improved performance or a cost saving can be incredibly powerful and compelling.

An image of the customer using your product, like a dress being worn at an important event or a tool being used, is a great way for the customer to advocate for you over social media.

Challenge 3: Sharing your stories

Once you have found your customer stories and determined how to best tell them, you need to find ways to amplify them.

You can use what you learned to craft a case study that can be presented on your website, printed as marketing collateral, or used to leverage media coverage if the customer is happy to speak on your behalf to a journalist.

The media can be a great way to tell the story. That might mean engaging with your local or community newspaper or reaching out to local TV and radio stations, but always be guided by who the customer is happy to talk to.

If you’re not sure how to engage with the media and pitch your story, engaging with a PR agency or freelancer can be incredibly helpful.

Finding, telling and sharing your customer stories is a great way to hero the customer. It’s their success that reflects positively on you.

Just as Robin became famous because of his support of Batman, you can gain recognition for your work through your customers’ success.

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