How to get paid to do what you love

- December 22, 2016 3 MIN READ

Getting stuck in traffic, feeling stressed behind the same desk everyday, working someone else’s time clock, falling asleep on the couch exhausted. Sound familiar?

Many entrepreneurs hang on to the security of their office job in the difficult startup phase because the reality is that passion doesn’t pay the bills. That and they are scared of the unknown. But here’s the thing, when I finally did leave my job and made the decision that I was going to commit fully to my business – it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I had more time to immerse myself fully into my startup the [|Media Institute] and I bought into another business, [|Entrepreneur Social Club], which I’m now the co-founder of. I also felt for the first time in my life that I was living with purpose, that each day was mine for the taking and I could own my results 100 per cent.

Imagine if there was no fear, imagine if someone gave you a golden ticket to do whatever you want, when you want? The reality is you can design your own life and live it on your own terms. So here’s how you can go after your entrepreneurial dreams, leave the corporate world for good and start a business of your own.

1. Upskill

Find out what it is you need to know about every facet of business you need to drive your success. Attend workshops about publicity, web development, marketing, sales, video, lead funnels, coding, public speaking, accounting. Based on the demand from our network of more that 1900 people at ESC we developed a business accelerator program aimed at doing just that.

2. Build a team

Surround yourself with mentors who are more advanced than you at business. I remember when I was starting out in business I started networking at events through Entrepreneur Social Club, that led to meeting a team of incredible people who supported me on my business journey. Be a sponge – absorb as much as you can from people and ask them questions.

3. Network

I can attribute my early success to all the networking I did early on. I still make sure I attend at least one to two events per week whether that’s a women in business breakfast, a BNI group, or a workshop. I always find myself in situations where I meet interesting people that teach me something and often that leads to new business.

4. Let go of fear

Fear is just something you have created in your head that’s holding you back from taking action. It’s more fearful to sit in that space, stay at a job you hate and find yourself 20 years down the track not living with passion and purpose. Inaction is the biggest killer of all. Set yourself small goals each week, diarise them every day and just get things done.

5. Get a business coach

A business coach will hold you accountable and propel you towards your goals. They can also offer you mentoring advice so you can develop your business ideas and really flesh something out that is profitable and destined for success. If your heart is screaming at you to make a change then listen to it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jessica Evans is a former journalist, media trainer and publicity expert and founder and managing director of the Media Institute – a publicity agency and media college helping entrepreneurs, startups and businesses promote themselves, without using a PR agency. Call 0425 234 265 for more information.

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