How to be a better employer

- September 13, 2017 4 MIN READ

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably still learning what it means to be an employer. Keep on assigning tasks to your employees, and they will never develop leadership skills that are necessary for the growth of your company. It’s possible to train particular skills in your employees and help them learn how to be a great leader.

Here are six tips to help you build leadership skills in your employees and take your business to the next level.

Implement an ownership mentality

Some business owners begin by teaching their employees how to make smart and informed decisions, only to have these employees run every idea by them before making a move. That kind of contradictory behaviour doesn’t promote the ownership mentality among employees. Empower your team to make and follow through on their own decisions. That’s how they’ll become more confident in making decisions, even if some slip-ups happen now and then. Listen to your employees. They’ll feel that their work has an impact on the company and will become more motivated to help the business develop.

Provide employees with growth opportunities 

It’s worth to invest in your employees. They’re your greatest asset. That’s why you need to make sure that they’re not stagnant in their positions and offer them opportunities for growth. Consider paying for their formal education, as well as internal or external training. You can also bring in industry insiders for special learning programs. Expand the horizons of your employees and help them acquire new skills.

Assume the role of the mentor

Once you begin helping your employees to gain leadership skills, your relationship with them will change into the mentor-mentee model. You should use this opportunity to the fullest and hone their leadership skills on different occasions. Make it a habit to meet with your employees for one-to-one conversations about their professional life. Discuss their career goals and help them find out what kind of leaders they want to be. They might tell you about their struggles in taking on leadership roles or show you what type of training they need to acquire better leadership skills.

Maintain a dynamic feedback loop

How else will your employees know that they’re doing a good job? A great feedback loop is a must for measuring and boosting employee performance through timely reviews. Arrange regular meetings in an informal setting. It’s smart to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss their individual goals and performance at the company. During these meetings, you’ll find potential opportunities for development, and build a space where employees have a chance to comfortably discuss their concerns.

Let your employees struggle a little

You probably know this scenario by heart: an employee needs help, so they naturally turn to you. But you’re busy running your business, so is it a good idea to take over or provide them with resources that help to complete the task? You want your employees to become leaders one day. Let them struggle a little. By pushing them in this way, you’ll be helping your team to figure out what they need on their own. And that builds a sense of ownership. Let your employees take on more responsibility, bit by bit.

Teach them how to build a network

Your employees might be reluctant to attend networking events in your sector, but if you’re planning to create leaders out of them, they need the experience. Teach them how to connect with others, initiate conversations with strangers, or ask for something by providing value in exchange. Use these 6 tips at your small business venture and you’ll be on your way to developing amazing leadership skills in your employees, helping them to become more autonomous and responsible for their actions.

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