This 60-second time management tip will transform your day

This 60-second time management tip will transform your day

Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie reveals how it is possible to save time even during the busiest days. This fantastic 60-second video tip will help you save time and get better results, quickly!

Here’s how you can better handle your busy schedule and control your own agenda.

Kate’s top 3 timesaver tips:
1. Write a smart list each night and identify your top three tasks for the next day.
2. Create your own schedule. Don’t march to someone else’s beat!
3. Dive straight into your first key strategic task of the day. Try using a timer.

Press play! Hear Kate’s helpful time management tip 

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  1. Hi Kate, This idea works well, in addition often customers are afraid to talk into a message bank and just hang up. My message bank also notifies me their calling number, as long as it’s not a private number, the day they called and the time. I then call them back and follow up as necessary. Regards Peter

    • Great to hear this tip works for you Peter. Anything to save time and help customer relations. I’m glad you like Kate’s advice. What other topics would you like to see covered on the site?


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