How these Aussies made millions from creating an online course

- August 19, 2021 4 MIN READ

Making money from what you know is simpler than it’s ever been. Years ago, there were complex coding and technology to master to create online courses. And that’s before even trying to get your customers to understand how to use it!  Not so, these days, writes Tina Tower, serial entrepreneur and author of the Million Dollar Microbusiness.

One of the advantages of the past year has been the increased comfort that people feel online and the willingness to learn in a self-paced at home environment. It’s never been easier to package your expertise and set up an online course. You may start just wanting to generate enough income to fuel your life and get some extra investments on the side, or you may be ready to say goodbye to that Monday to Friday 9 – 5 life and live the life you’ve always imagined.

I used to run serviced based businesses and it took me over ten years to get it to over $1 million a year in revenue. For my online business, it took 19 months, with no money spent on social media advertising. I embraced content marketing and set about serving people as best as I can. When I’m asked about what helped me to create a million-dollar company online, I come back to what I said earlier about customer success. I was just as psyched to serve two customers as I am to serve 200. I am completely driven by results for the people I serve and those results are what continues to propel my company forward.

But don’t just take my words for, there are Aussies embracing online courses and making millions while sharing their knowledge.

clint salter

Clint Salter – Dance Studio Owners Association

 Clint was just 16 when he launched his first dance studio business, and by age 28 he had founded and sold three companies. Today’s he’s the founder and CEO of Dance Studio Owners Association (DSOA), the largest community of dance studio owners in the world. Clint has helped more than 34,000 dance studio owners grow their business and have an impact on their local communities. After running his own successful dance studios, he knew that he had accrued enough information that could make the road ahead a little smoother and easier for other studio owners and so packaged everything that he’d learnt into a full comprehensive business program for dance studio owners.

Clint started his journey into online courses first through one to one coaching and then once he built his reputation in the space, started scaling into the more leveraged courses and now runs a company that helps business owners to experience the same success and in return, makes him millions of dollars a year.

mums with hustle - million dollar business

Tracy Harris – Mums With Hustle

Tracy was a primary school teacher who knew she wanted a bigger life. She runs Mums With Hustle, an online community and education platform for mums in business and is fiercely dedicated to supporting big-hearted women wanting to design their life first and their business second by harnessing the superpower of instagram as part of a complete digital strategy.

While on maternity leave from her teaching career she had the time to explore the entrepreneurial ideas that had been bubbling up inside her for the previous 5 years as she’d been listening to business podcasts to and from school.

She launched her first online course while 36 weeks pregnant and has built her company to 7 figures a year while helping women across the globe to have a bigger impact.

deneise duffiled thomas

Denise Duffiled-Thomas – Money Bootcamp

Denise is a money mentor and author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and Chillpreneur and is all about living a life of abundance without burnout. Her online course, Money Bootcamp, has helped over 6000 students from all over the world and has allowed her to be a present mum to her three children, play at her rose farm and live by the beach on the gorgeous east coast of Australia.

Denise started small and grew her business by being committed to the results of her clients. Her first year she earns $60,000 doing one to one coaching, then it was $120,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, $1.2 million, $1.7 million, $2.5 million, $3 million. It’s been 5 years since Denise hit the status of running a 7 figure a year business and she continues to grow her vision and impact.

The common thread that I get from online educators is that if they can do it, so can you. You already have the knowledge in your head, now you can package it, sell it and make a bigger impact than you ever dreamed possible.

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