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How scaling my content helped me score a $20 million valuation

- August 29, 2023 4 MIN READ

They say ‘Don’t meet your heroes.’ I disagree. I met mine – Gary Vaynerchuk – and it changed my life. I was building my accreditation and business improvement consultancy and needed to find leads, increase my profile and build my brand.  I was posting content regularly to LinkedIn, but it wasn’t making an impact.  I tried Facebook, but that didn’t really cut it either, says Kobi Simmat, author of How to Build a Business Others Want to Buy.

So, I attended one of Gary’s content seminars in Sydney and then London. They cost upwards of $100,000 for me and my colleague to attend, which was a lot for me.  (I recently secured a $20 million valuation and successful sale of the above business so please pay attention because this blogging strategy is what helped me achieve it). But I went to the seminar anyway, and it changed my life. Here’s the number one tip I took from Gary V that revolutionised my business:  Do more.

Why you need to do more

His advice was profound in its simplicity; so profound, in fact, I didn’t know what to do more of!

He said, ‘Do more of everything.  How often do you post on YouTube?’

‘Twice a week.’

‘Within three months, you should be creating 1000 pieces of content a week.’

A week?

‘Yes.  A week? If you want to build a wall, you need to put bricks in the wall. And remember, practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect, so get going. Stop thinking and start implementing.’

I have to be honest. I wasn’t convinced this strategy of just creating 1000 posts for the sake of creating 1000 posts would achieve much.  I rang Gary and asked, ‘ How will this generate leads?’

He said, ‘Kobi, this is not about leads. It’s naïve to think one post, or even a thousand posts, will generate a lead. It’s about brand, okay? It’s about practising to get better at what you do.   It’s about showing up in the forums where your customers hang out. It’s about dominating the airwaves so that when people need what you offer, the first person they think about is YOU! It’s about the BRAND! BRAND! BRAND!  You got that?’

‘But what if the content is not good enough?’ I asked. ‘What if they don’t like my content?’  His answer was sublime. ‘You don’t decide what’s quality. The market does.’

That was the inspiration I needed to get moving.

Gary V

Gary Vee is a social entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies and a 5x NYT best-selling author. Image source: Wikipedia

How to create 1000 posts a week

So, we went to work.  It was not easy.  We were novices at this social media game.  We started with ten posts, went to twenty, doubled it to forty, doubled that, doubled it again and within a few months, we were posting 250 pieces of content a week across the top platforms – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.   I thought that was a pretty good start. The content we created at the start was ordinary, but as we got going and got into the flow, the quality of the content started to improve!

But nothing happened.  The phone didn’t ring off the hook. Sales were sluggish.  Things were slow. And then Gary’s words echoed in my mind. Do more.  So we did. We sent more emails, wrote more blogs, recorded more videos, and made more phone calls.  We held Zoom calls for suppliers, ran information sessions for our clients, held group coaching clinics for our staff, launched a new podcast, and increased our magazine from 25 pages to 100 pages. This frenzy of activity went on for months.   We were now at 500 posts a week.  And still nothing.

We kept going.  We wrote more, posted more, commented more, shared more, recorded more.  We finally reached our goal of 1000 posts a week.

Why content works

And then, bam! Things changed.  The phones rang, the pipeline filled, the calendars booked up, and sales started to flow. And they kept on flowing. It was like the dam had burst or we’d flipped a switch.  We’d come into the light. This was a defining moment for us.  The viral coefficient had kicked in.  My metrics went through the roof.

My TikTok went from nothing to 186,000 likes and 24,000 followers.  Instagram went from 147 followers to 197,000 followers.  Our Facebook grew to 15,000 followers, and the YouTube channel went to 20,000 subscribers.

My content plan was on fire. Did it work? Did it make a difference? Was it worth it? Well, I sold my business for a seven-figure sum because of it. If I didn’t have the leads coming in, the pipeline filled, the coaches booked out, I wouldn’t have generated the revenue, or the profit, that made my business such an attractive proposition to buyers.

Content works. Just do more.

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