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How Jurlique changed their customer experience overnight with Vend

- May 12, 2016 2 MIN READ

Australian natural skin care brand Jurlique announced today that it has rolled out a new cloud-based point-of-sale system from Vend, across its 16 concept stores in Australia.

The business began outfitting the system in February and the move to the cloud has seen the brand eliminate the traditional retail counter and cash register without any downtime.

“We called it Project Asteroid – we wanted to completely remove our old system with a bang,” said Chris Balogi, director of global IT at Jurlique.

“We switched across each store to the Vend system in just 12 hours. When we closed up for the day our old point-of-sale system was turned off, Vend was set up overnight, and we opened ready for the next day’s trading.”

From small beginnings on a farm in Adelaide to 16 stores across Australia and hundreds more around the world, Jurlique is one of the most recognising skincare brands.

With many Australian retailers facing increasing pressure from large global chains, Jurlique made the decision in a year ago that in order to make the change saying it would allow them to stay ahead of the competition and transform its customer experience.

Reshaping the customer experience

The new system has removed physical barriers between staff and customers by taking away traditional point-of-sale terminals. Using Vend, staff can now serve customers via a mobile device or iPad anywhere in-store.

“Creating the best possible customer experience is really important to us, and was a key decision in choosing Vend for our point-of-sale and inventory management,” said Ann Donohue from Jurlique Australia and New Zealand.

“Being mobile on an iPad means we can now provide consultations, recommend treatments and sell products wherever our customer is most comfortable,” she said.

Some of the biggest issues small retailers face when considering doing what Jurlique has just done, is moving their data from the old system to the new, training staff, and down-time for the business during set-up, said Balogi, and the success of those elements comes down to planning.

“We defined exactly what was going to be migrated, and then as we neared deployment, we tested how the data migration would take place. By the time we were ready to go live, we knew what information we were going to transfer and how long it was going to take,” said Balogi.

Moving an entire business to the cloud is a big challenge and businesses need to choose systems which are flexible and responsive to change and future grow.

Specifically designed for iOS and iPad, Vend’s software helps retailers sell, manage inventory, reward customer loyalty, and analyse business performance across physical and online stores and multiple outlets.

“Cloud technologies are having the biggest impact on business and retail since the internet,” said Vaughan Rowsell, Founder of Vend.

“They allow sales teams to get out from behind the counter and actually spend time with their customers, they speed up very manual processes, and they can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional systems. It’s having a very real and highly competitive impact on the businesses that are making the leap.”


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