The ‘Harmony Life Stylist’ Helping Small Businesses

- March 31, 2016 3 MIN READ

Tell me about your business, Pauline Delany

So I’ve been doing this business coaching for about a year and a half. I am a mum with four children aged between 12 and 22. I’ve always worked part-time and had a business and the family and found that was something I was quite good at juggling…

You’d have to be!

Well I thought it was something I could help other people with as well because a lot of people have businesses that they want to grow, and that they’re passionate about but are a little reluctant to grow because they think they’ll have no time with their family and will struggle to do anything outside of work. That’s where I found a gap. My tagline is ‘the harmony life stylist’ so I help business owners get that harmony between their business and home life.

How do you do that?

It’s by having a combination of things in place. We develop a business model that enables them to have automatic systems in place, we block out time to do certain things so they’re working smarter not harder and can be productive in short bursts rather than doing stuff all over the place. It’s about delegating, prioritising activities and keeping a really clear focus.

What’s your background?

I am an optometrist so I’m in the health field, which is quite different to what I do now!  A few years ago I got really interested in doing things online and I went to lots of internet marketing courses. From there I got into personal development and coaching then merged that with the business coaching which is something I was really passionate about. I’m still working for someone else but I’m phasing out slowly.

What’s it like being on the other side and working for yourself? 

The flexibility, the freedom, and not being constrained by the rules or politics is great. There’s also unlimited potential for income and being able to work independently from any location. That’s always been my dream; to be able to travel and run my business from anywhere in the world. And I can see no reason why so many other businesses can’t be doing the same thing.

A lot of people have built a business up from scratch themselves and are so invested in it they think no one can do what they can do and therefore have no time outside their business!

Did you need much capital to get started?

I invested a lot in my education, and that was with my own savings, just bit by bit investing in myself and my education. I work from home and have my computer, I don’t need an office so I don’t have overheads. Ive made small investments in marketing and advertising but that’s about it.

What was the decision like to phase out of your regular job?

That was easy. I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset for quite a while and it’s about finding the right vehicle to enable me to build a business that will allow me to work solely for myself and not have to rely on an income form a job. I’ve been an optometrist for about 27 years so I’ve done that, I want something different now!

What are some of your biggest challenges?

Business owners sometimes are reluctant to invest in business coaching, they can’t see the big picture because it costs money but the rewards and the momentum their business will build from having that support will come back. Some people, particularly those new in business think they can do it by themselves.

And getting my name out there and being visible and being seen as an expert online takes time.

What’s your best advice for others wanting to work for themselves?

Persist. Don’t procrastinate. So many people wait until things are perfect before they do anything. Have a goal and work constantly towards that goal. Keep reassessing your intention with everything you do. Are you just doing something because someone told you to do it? Is it really moving you towards your goal or are you being diverted to the next shiny thing that looks interesting? Also, be consistent, that is really important. Doing something consistently each day, even if you feel like you’re not getting somewhere, just by doing it everyday you’re always moving a step forward.

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