Adwords: How Google’s announcement will affect your business

- May 27, 2016 2 MIN READ

Google is changing the game for Google Adwords. On May 24, 2016, Google had its Google Performance Summit. At the summit was a keynote on the state of Google Adwords & Analytics, and what is to come within the coming months and year. With many points coming out of this, it’s clear that Google are trying to push their paid advertising platform to a new level.

Text Ad Redesign

Currently when you search in Google you’re given ads, map listings & organic search results. In their current state ads are made up of a:

  • One headline of 25 characters
  • Two description lines of 35 characters
  • Display URL

However, announced in the keynote, the size of ads are increasing. In fact, it’s almost 50% more ad text, with a:

  • Two headlines of 30 characters
  • One description line of 80 characters
  • Display URL

On the advertisers testing this new functionality, some advertisers have seen up to a 20% increase in click through rate.

Bid Per Device

Google Adwords currently allows advertisers to change their bids based on mobile devices. But Google is realising the need for a mobile first world, and have introduced the ability to change bids based on mobile, tablet & desktop devices.

Local Search Ads

Announced was the ability to advertise within Google Maps. You’ll be able to bid to show higher on searches related to your business, and when they look at your Google Maps ads, they’ll see a:

  • Branded pin on the map
  • Promotion text (e.g. 10% off all phone accessories)
  • Search for items in the local store
  • Store hours, address, directions, phone

Google Analytics Assistant

Google recently announced their new & improved Google Assistant (Google’s version of Siri), and this has been announced to integrate with Google Analytics (Google’s traffic reporting service).

Simply say what information you want to receive, and Google Assistant will tell you the answer. For example, you could say “How many users did we get from Facebook in April?”, and Google Assistant will tell you that exact information.

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