Good Box can help you serve up compassion this Mother’s Day

- May 7, 2020 2 MIN READ

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and this year finding a gift may be harder than ever due to the current pandemic. We all love a good spa voucher or a fancy high tea out but these may not be the most practical gifts at this time, writes The Good Box co-founder Gali Blacher.

While flowers are always beautiful, wouldn’t it be nice for mum to receive something a bit different and in line with the current restrictions?

Have you considered a gift that is also socially conscious? There are some great socially conscious gift alternatives that you can buy for Mum and there’s plenty of reasons why. The Good Box Co-founder Gali Blacher gives three ideas for social conscious gifts that don’t require any face to face contact..

1. Donate to a charity in Mum’s Name

There are plenty of charities that are always in need, especially in this time. Make sure to do your research and find a charity that aligns with your Mum’s beliefs and values. You can donate a sum in her name to the charity and ask them to provide you with a certificate of donation. This way your Mum can see the beautiful gift of giving you have bestowed upon her.

2. Purchase an eco-friendly gift for Mum

Why not purchase an online gift from a social enterprise or eco-friendly organisation? Mum might really enjoy knowing that her chocolate has been ethically sourced or that her hand cream is also helping children without hygiene products in Africa! There are many different organisations who fit this description.

3. Donate a Good Box in Mum’s name

Good Boxes are beautifully packaged gifts, made in consultation with those experiencing homelessness for those experiencing homelessness! You can donate a box (or two) in Mum’s name and she’ll receive a certificate of donation. You can also write a personalised note to someone experiencing homelessness, this will be hand written and included in the box. These boxes will be sent through a charity partner to a Mum experiencing homelessness. Not only are you giving your Mum the gift of giving, but you’re also helping another Mum in need. Check out www.thegoodbox.com.au to purchase a box in Mum’s name & for a full list of the type of the boxes offered and what’s in each box

All these ideas are in line with COVID-19 restrictions, will help those in need and show your Mum how much you love her!

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