Girl power tops the list for business women seeking a retreat

Girl power tops the list for business women seeking a retreat

As any business owner will tell you, travelling for work is very different to travelling for a holiday. Relax Travel and Cruise owner Kathy Labbozzetta tells KBB in 2018 all-girl luxury travel adventures are topping the list of Australia’s businesswomen.

Labbozzetta says more businesswomen are understanding the importance of setting aside me-time in their busy schedules.

“The women seeking their next getaway are often booking their trip as far out as 12-months in advance and they’re coming to us to ensure their needs are taken care of.

“If you’re anything like the average business owner, you’re making numerous decisions on a daily basis – many of the women we encounter are also juggling their family’s needs and other commitments.

“They realise that they’re burning the candle at both ends of the stick and if they don’t schedule in time for their own self-care, they’ll burnout, which will have a devastating impact on their business in the long-term.”

Here’s Kathy’s checklist for why you need to be planning an escape sooner rather than later

#1. You deserve to enjoy the finer things in life

Trust me, as a business owner, I know what life as a business owner is really like. Long hours, unexpected bumps in the road, financial pressures… if you’re not actively scheduling in ‘you time,’ what’s the point of working so hard? It’s so easy to go through the motions each day. An all-girl luxury getaway allows you to let your hair down and break away from your normal routines. You’ll enjoy exceptional accommodation, indulge in tantalising food and wine, embark on brilliant adventures that have all been planned out for you and of course, meet new women who may become lifelong friends. So many business women tell us that they feel so inspired after attending one of our trips!

#2. Experiences lead to business breakthroughs

I’ve said this before and I say it each time we run a getaway: something special happens when a bunch of ladies come together for a holiday. There’s a special energy in the air – sometimes, the best business breakthroughs come to us when we allow ourselves to do nothing but commit to enjoying ourselves. The group dynamics are different with an all-girls getaway and there’s always a good balance of group time and alone time, which means that business owners have plenty of space to think and be still. Major business breakthroughs on holiday are not uncommon.

#3. A luxurious getaway will give your mental health a boost

While mental health statistics usually focus on the workplace, for small business owners, it can be incredibly mentally taxing to run your own business. As a general rule, business owners work long hours, they often work alone, they’re constantly multi-tasking and the weight of the business rests entirely on their shoulders. So many female business owners come to us because they’re desperate for a break but their partners don’t want to travel or their friends may be unable to. Gone are the days when you couldn’t embark on a trip without at least one other person – a few days of luxury, pampering and seeing the best sights that a particular location has to offer, has the capacity to result in a huge shift in people’s mindset. After all, we’re people first and business owners second.

Most people’s lives are jam-packed these days. When was the last time you invested in yourself and did something just for you? In a world that’s constantly connected, it can be easy to forget that something as simple as regular mini-breaks are much-needed. And as a bonus, by giving your brain a rest, you’re likely to find the extra motivation you need to boost your business’ bottom line.



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