How to get free publicity and see your business in the media

- November 22, 2016 2 MIN READ

There are many and varied ways to get your business reviewed in the media; here are four ideas that can help take your brand from zero to hero in brand awareness.

1. Almost every profession has a trade journal

Use your trade magazine, or online edition to advantage. Become a regular contributor with newsworthy items on developments within your company – new products, staff appointments, contracts.

Don’t forget to include a professional image with each release. Editors will begin to rely on your contributions, and there’s every chance they will ask you as an authority to comment on industry matters, other than your own company. Big or small, make the most of this free editorial opportunity but don’t overdo it with puff pieces that will only be relegated to the bin.

2. Offer prizes in competitions

An often ignored avenue of opportunity is to provide consumerable goods/services to the media to use as prizes in their reader/listener competitions.

Newspapers and radio stations require items to award their audiences. These prizes could be your products, and in return your company gets branding photos within the competition details , or on-air mentions on radio. This form of marketing is free other than cost of goods, and despatch of prizes to winners.

Apart from the branding your product receives there’s sampling as an added benefit. Get started today. Go to Source Bottle who published a twice daily bulletin listing details of media looking for items to use as prizes. Subscription to Source Bottle is free.

3. Read the newspaper, and listen to the radio

When you see, or hear of a headline that involves a needy case – charity in the main, think of how you can help volunteer services or goods. Put something back into the community, and in turn the community media may reward you with a photo, or interview. It’s a feel good story for everyone.

4. Set yourself the task of writing up to three articles per year

Make sure they are slanted to a review of the industry complete with quantifiable facts and figures, and plenty of interesting quotes. Sure, there’s time involved but it’s worth it when your story is picked up for publication in everything from trade journals to daily press including Financial Review. Publication of your article stamps you as an authority and all it has cost you is time to research and write.

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