Fun ways to repurpose old content and drive new traffic

- August 3, 2016 3 MIN READ

Written content is not the only way to share your expertise with your audience. Content repurposing allows you to piggyback on the work you have already done preparing blog posts by taking the same information and refreshing it by using new delivery formats such as infographics, slideshares or videos. New formats help you deliver information to customers with different learning styles. It also helps newer readers discover your old content.

Top two reasons you should repurpose your content

#1. Reach wider audiences 

Different people and different demographics consume content in different ways. Some users like reading long-form well-researched articles with citations, others like content that can be digested in 30 seconds such as an image and a brief paragraph of text. In addition some users have a preference for audio content and podcast interviews that can be listened to go on the go while commuting to work. The more you diversify the types of content you create, the more people you can reach.

#2. Gain authority

Having content in multiple channels allows your name and your company’s name to pop up in lots of different places in the search engine results page. In the eyes of a potential customer, the more times they see your name listed, the more likely they are to trust you and consider you a reliable expert.

What are some quick and easy options for repurposing content?


Old content can easily be made into images or infographics even if you have no design skills. Free tools like PicMonkey, Canva or can be used to create infographics. Posts that contain statistics are ideal for turning into infographics. Inspirational posts can also be turned into beautiful quote pictures.

If you do not have an in-house photographer or budget to purchase stock images sites like Unsplash or Pixabay provide lots of royalty-free images that can be distributed and repurposed freely. Once you have created your image or infographic remember to share it on social media.

Infographics can receive up to 80 per cent more social shares than text-only posts. Consider uploading infographics and images to Pinterest especially, which is one of the leading image-sharing sites.


If you’ve been blogging for a while you no doubt have several blog posts focusing on a single topic. This is the perfect opportunity to collate your blog posts in an authoritative ebook.

There is a free tool called Beacon which lets you collate old posts into a beautiful ebook in a matter of just a few minutes using professional pre-designed themes as your cover. Beacon features options to edit your content, layout, font and colours.

Once you have created your ebook you can use it as free opt-in bribe to build your email list.

Audio files

There are a number of different audio options you can use for repurposing your content. You could create a teleseminar, make a podcast and upload your recording to SoundCloud or iTunes or create an audio training session. You could even record a professional CD.

The important thing with audio recordings is to invest in a decent quality microphone to ensure a professional sound. Audacity is a great tool to use for recording. If you want to insert musical interludes or introductions to your recording you might want to check out Bensound which features royalty free music and sound effects that can be used without any copyright issues.

Video content

The other main way to repurpose your content is to create a video. Screencast-O-Matic is a free tool that lets you record up to 15 minutes of video and then publish straight onto Youtube. Some people even record straight from their webcam in order to make their videos more personal.

If you are struggling to get your content to standout in the crowded marketplace, try experimenting with different content types and use each piece of content multiple times. Expert digital marketers say that each piece of content you create should be used five times or in five different ways for maximum results.

With the help of the free tools listed in this article you don’t even have to have professional graphic design skills to use visuals, audio or video to great effect. So repurpose your content into different forms to widen your net and attract new audiences in a dynamic and captivating way.

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