Fulfilment by Amazon launches for Aussie businesses today

Aussie businesses registered to sell on Amazon’s Australian Marketplace will be able to access Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) from today.

Businesses signed up to use FBA will now be able to ship their products directly to customers via Amazon’s fulfilment centre. Amazon will pick, pack and ship customers’ orders directly.

Amit Mahto, Head of FBA in Australia, suggests the move will redress the imbalance between big and small business. Saying FBA  gives Aussie small businesses owners the opportunity to save time and money and make use of Amazon’s world-class logistics team.

Businesses that participate in FBA will also have access to Amazon’s customer service, with the online retail giant handling all customer returns.

“Size doesn’t matter in the digital economy and Amazon Marketplace helps to level the playing field when it comes to starting or growing a business,” says Mahto.

“We are focused on helping Australian businesses of all sizes succeed by inventing on their behalf and making our technology available to them and FBA is a fantastic example of this. Customers shopping on amazon.com.au will be able to access an ever growing and more unique range of products accompanied by the convenience of fast delivery and Amazon’s world-class customer service.”

There is no minimum number of units a business must send to a fulfilment centre to participate in FBA. Amazon’s FBA offers a Pay as you go service—Sellers are charged for the storage space and the orders Amazon fulfils. The cost of shipping is included in fees.

For a limited time, Amazon is running an introductory promotion giving sellers access to free storage and removals when enabled in March, until 31 August 2018 (volume limits and other conditions apply).  Sellers can contact us to find out more about selling on Amazon and FBA here:  http://amazon.com.au/sell.



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