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From mum to entrepreneur: How Rebecca Dredge created the award-winning app Kiddo

- April 8, 2022 3 MIN READ

Founder and Director of Kiddo, Rebecca Dredge, has been connecting parents with babysitters since 2019. With a focus on providing parents with easy access to quality carers, the easy-to-use app has captured the hearts and minds of Aussie parents.

Dredge started her journey as an app developer while juggling her family and work life. She saw a need to change the way parents connect with a community of carers, and leapt into the breach. Several months later the app, Kiddo was born.

Kiddo stands out as Australia’s first on-demand babysitting app, with multiple achievements including being ranked in the top 20 on the App Store. The app aims to provide parents with access to trusted and reliable babysitters on short notice.

Developing an idea

When returning to work after maternity leave, the mother of two encountered the typical difficulties of parents who are multitasking family and work for the first time.

“It was a real struggle trying to balance returning to work, trying to find myself and social life again, and get back to life as it was before kids,” Dredge said.

She found herself in situations where she would not be able to do certain things or go to certain places, watching others’ lives move on around her.

When offered free tickets and an invite to a last-minute event, Dredge wanted to jump at the opportunity, but she could not go without a babysitter.

“We wanted to jump at the chance. Our parents live two hours away, our family friend’s babysitter couldn’t help, so we were stuck and missed out. It was at this point that I wondered why we had convenient apps for everything else in life, yet we can’t find a babysitter or carer just as easily,” she said.

From here, Dredge decided to develop an app that would be accessible to parents and provide easy and reliable babysitters on short notice. Now, Rebecca is a mumpreneur whose family community is constantly expanding with over 3,000 qualified carers.

The Kiddo community

This community of families and carers are essential to Dredge and Kiddo, as they are the building blocks of the app’s success. Kiddo provides a support network and village-like community that many parents need in their hectic day-to-day lives.

However, because this app relies heavily on community engagement to succeed, it was essential to get support from the market before it launched.

“Whilst the app was built, I worked very hard to get as many people engaged and pre-registered with my vision and goal as I could,” Dredge said.

Connecting with potential users helped sell her vision, create the Kiddo Community, and allowed her to receive insight into any adjustments the app may need.

“I had to be clear on our value proposition to carers, yet also build trust with parents. I think being true to who you are and your mission often shines through; many people resonated with my story and saw my passion.”

Kiddo found success by focusing on the wants and needs of potential users. Dredge is always keen to hear what they say, as she knows they are vital to the platform.

“Kiddo is more than just an app, so when I looked to get it into the community, I focused on just that. Being a two-sided platform, I have always had to manage the supply/demand of both sides of the platform.”

Parents value the convenience of the app, being able to book at any time and pay through in-app payments with no subscription fees. Staying true to being trustworthy and efficient, the app allows parents and babysitters to leave reviews and ratings.

Constantly evolving

Kiddo is constantly growing as Dredge looks for new ways to improve; recently, they have added ongoing care service and NDIS care for children. A key contributing factor to Kiddo’s continued success is the founder’s connection with the community.

“I still, to this day, stay in touch with our Kiddo community and listen to what they say. They, after all, know what they want in our services.”

In an exciting new leap, Kiddo has partnered with one of Australia’s largest early childhood providers, G8, which will allow expansion to more locations, and support the evolving care and needs of families.

“The new partnership would make Kiddo App available to more families across the country, creating an online childcare resource that is adaptive to the current market.”

Dredge notes that the dynamics of Australian workplaces have constantly been changing since the pandemic, so alternate childcare support is needed as millions of parents now work from home.

G8 Education has more than 46,000 Australian children under its care and consists of more than 10,000 team members. Therefore, the pitching process for the company was an essential part of the expansion. When preparing for the pitch, Dredge was lucky enough to have mentors from Accelerator to guide her through the process.

“They reminded me, again and again, to focus on your market traction! You have something that people love and at the time, having a community of 9,000 was a huge testament to a solo, bootstrapped mumpreneur!

“I focused on this and, at the same time, ensured my mission, passion and determination to make Kiddo a household name was clear.”

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