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Four facts that prove it’s time to hire people with disabilities

- June 22, 2021 2 MIN READ
hiring people with disabilities is good for business

Hiring a diverse workforce is fairly easy if you’re simply looking for ways to appear inclusive on paper. However, if you want to make a real difference, hire skilled workers from one of the most grossly underrepresented segments of the workforce – people with disabilities.

There are many myths around people with disabilities that stigmatise their capabilities. Each person has a unique set of skills and challenges, don’t let the word “disability” lead to assumptions. In fact, research indicates that there are notable benefits that prove it’s time to hire people with disabilities.

The benefits of hiring people with disabilities

1. Diversity improves your company culture and morale

 An eclectic mixture of people brings exciting energy into the office. Having people with different skillsets and challenges presents an opportunity for more understanding and less competition, after all, you can’t compete with someone who is different.  Research also indicates that the younger workforce aligns itself better with brands that have high ethical standards. You’re more likely to win the support and respect of your team members if you lead the way and hire marginalised workers, like people with disabilities.

2. Break into a wider consumer market

The community of people with disabilities tend to love to support businesses that show they care. When you hire workers with disabilities you immediately align your brand with consumers that have disabilities as well as their family and friends. The marketing competition is very low here, very few businesses are actively appealing their products or services to this sector of buyers which is ludicrous but potentially very profitable for you as there’s a great deal of money to be exchanged with this sector of the population.

3. Hiring people with disabilities is easier than you think

 When you’re hiring someone with a disability, you also stand to qualify for benefits from certain government initiatives that aim to support people with disabilities in completing their jobs. This takes the strain away from the employer. You’re also taking a big step towards building a village for your business – that saying “it takes a village” doesn’t only apply to raising children, thriving small businesses also need a village. Aside from breaking into a larger consumer market, you’re also likely to see more support from the established consumer market, since research indicates that the new generation of buyers are willing to pay more knowing they are supporting a brand that wants to make a positive difference in the world, whether that difference is ecological or social.

4. You’re likely to get a greater degree of loyalty from your team

 As much as polled consumers indicate a stronger sense of loyalty towards brands that practice ethical business, employees share the same sentiments. High functioning employees feel a stronger allegiance towards an ethical brand. Welcome an employee who may look different, have a unique set of challenges and possibly a fresh way of achieving the same goals. It gives your team the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and the job and the different ways in which a task can be completed.

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