How this small business owner made her dream a reality

- February 22, 2017 2 MIN READ

Florist Clare Harmer runs a boutique floristry, Fleur & Threads with her business partner Daniel Moore and has been in the industry for eight years. At first, Clare was a retail florist for two years until she decided to branch out on her own to create something unique. In the Spring of 2014, Fleur & Threads was born.

Clare is a talented artist and is an expert when it comes to colour. She relies heavily on her intuition when it comes to creating stunning colour plates for each individual client. Fleur & Threads is run out of a design studio and they employ freelancers for bigger events such as weddings and engagement parties when needed. A recently hired intern also helps out.

Small business owner Clare Harmer creates ‘floral art’

Unusually, Clare doesn’t preplan her floral designs. Instead, she allows the power of her artistic ability to create something ‘in the moment’. “We don’t force the designs, we just let it happen. We don’t overthink it either. We never remake anything,” she says.

This creative florist also has a spiritual bent. Clare meditates with her flowers and even sells ‘healing Chakra bouquets’ (every Friday only). This unique flowers are available for delivery and are inspired by the seven chakras, which she explains are human energy fields coloured in rainbow colours.

They also offer an artificial installation to help other businesses such as cafes, restaurants and shop fronts. Past projects have included creating ceilings filled with lush textural foliages and ladders covered in vines for both shops and restaurants.

A stunning floral vision from Fleur & Threads 

As with any small business, Clare has faced her share of challenges. She says her biggest issue was not knowing enough about business. “I felt really insecure and wondered whether I was fit to run a business. I found that the most challenging,” she says. Then adds, “I’ve always believed in my own creativity. It was more the technical side of the business that I had to learn through trial and error which hasn’t been easy. But that’s how you learn.”

Clare says she enjoys the freedom that comes with being a small business owner. “It’s amazing that I can create my own abundance. There are no limits. I have big dreams and I know that I’m going to ‘get there’ one day simply because I’m on the one who will make it happen,” she says.

Then adds, “Having my own source of income and being able to do it on my own is a dream come true in itself. That’s the most powerful thing about having your own business.”

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