Flexible work force the way forward for Aussie businesses

A report by Flexing It,  the largest platform for independent consultants and flexible management talent globally, has found work-life flexibility and meaningful work will be the biggest drivers for professionals over the next 10 years.

The report surveyed over 500 organisations across 20 nations. It found Aussie independent consultants were extremely motivated by meaningful work with more than half of those surveyed (57 per cent) citing it as their main motivator.

Flexing It canvassed the views of senior managers from large corporates/MNCs, start-ups, large consulting firms, not-for-profit organisations and government & public sector companies and discovered more than half of the surveyed organizations will have over 30% of their workforce, double of what it is today, as flexible talent within the next five years.

“The concept of full time regular employment is a 20th century western phenomenon and it’s clear that the world is again moving towards a future wherein people will manage their own brands and will move from project to project. Today we call it the ‘Gig’ economy, but in a historical context, it’s not really new.” said Peter Nicholls, COO of Flexing It.

Organisations predict a considerable growth in flexible workforce over the next five years. A third of the surveyed companies believe that 50% of the workforce will function as flexible talent in the future.  70% of the surveyed organisations believe that work will become more global and remote in the next five years.

The report suggested soft skills will gain importance with more and more businesses. The top five skills being critical thinking (56%), social intelligence (41%), novel and adaptive thinking (40%), cross cultural competency (38%) and virtual collaboration (36%).

You can read the full report here

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