Fiverr Business launches to help freelancers and business connect

- September 16, 2020 2 MIN READ

Global freelance organisation Fiverr has announced the launch of Fiverr Business, a dedicated platform for businesses to collaborate with freelancers.

This platform is designed for corporate teams and departments to collaborate with each other while managing projects with freelance talent and will be subscription-based.

The global pandemic forced a shift to remote work. and with this shift has come an increase in the need for freelance talent. A recent Fiverr survey of over 2,000 businesses globally, found 52 per cent are allocating more budget to freelance services, with the suggestion on-demand freelance work is here to stay.

“For the past 10 years, Fiverr has been a leading advocate for the power and importance of remote workers as part of any company workforce. Because of this, we have been at the centre of building products and tools to remove all friction from this structure,” said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO.

“The pandemic has forced companies everywhere to rethink best practices for hiring, and this means focusing on a full-time team supporting their core competencies while integrating freelance talent as a way to easily scale. Fiverr Business was designed to integrate into a companies’ workflow and become a part of the digital onboarding experience for employees — they get access to email, Slack, and Dropbox, as well as their Fiverr Business team account wherein all of their projects can be managed. It is reliable, budget-friendly, and simple, but most of all, it gets the job done faster than any other method.”

Kaufman said with Fiverr Business, managers of teams have the administrative and collaborative tools needed to give them oversight across all projects being managed through Fiverr.

The platform gives businesses the agility and productivity they need to grow and scale at pace.

Additional benefits to the platform include:

Access to a  curated freelancer supply, with an additional level of quality assurance (supply is curated using Fiverr’s AI tools and hand-picked by Fiverr customer success managers according to a businesses’ needs), freelance talent matching and other white glove services.

Businesses will be able to control and track budget approval and project status, manage groups and reporting and easily communicate and collaborate with in-house team members and external freelancers.

For out more about Fiverr Business.

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