Five ways to use Snapchat to get ahead of the curve

- August 24, 2016 2 MIN READ

Snapchat is an up-and-coming social media network so to a certain extent we’re all learning as we go. However there are some simple do’s and don’ts that can make or break on Snapchat.

Screenshotting private message

In today’s online world one thing we all need to be more mindful of is privacy issues. If a Snapchat follower sends your business a private message be sure that you have their permission before sharing with your audience. Screenshotting private content without the sender’s consent could result in negative publicity that might hurt your reputation. If in doubt, ask for permission first.

Posting all of your snaps at once

Don’t post all of your content at once! Snapchat organises Stories by how recent they are. The more content you post each day, the more your previous Snaps get bumped down to the bottom of the list. Make sure that each Snap has enough time in the limelight to get seen and noticed.

Taking landscape images

Because users view Snapchat content on a vertical screen, it is not a great idea to use landscape images. Make your Snaps as easy as possible for users to consume by keeping things vertical.

Making snaps too long

Normally on most other social media you would want to make sure that users have enough time to take in the full message. However on Snapchat that should not be your goal. Instead you should cram your content into a very short Snap of only 4-6 seconds, enough time that users catch a glimpse of something exciting but don’t have time to fully digest it. This leaves them wanting more. Many brands make the mistake of setting for their Snaps for the longest time possible, however what ends up happening is people understand your message, get bored and navigate away.

Trying to launch your Snapchat with a QR code

To get your followers from other platforms to follow you on Snapchat, don’t just simply post your Snapchat ghost and QR code. This doesn’t give anyone any incentive to follow you. Instead entice your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter followers to follow you on Snapchat by revealing something unique and creative that they will only find on your Snapchat channel.

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